February 1, 2008

Onion Goggles

While driving down the road to pick up my friend Debbie (who I wrote about in the prior blog) I burst out laughing as the DJ on the radio listed off the current kitchen utensils everyone must have. The top three were: collapsible funnels, collapsible strainers, and last but not least…onion goggles! Yes…onion goggles. When I heard those two words together I lost it as I envisioned the look on my neighbor’s face as he pulls his truck into his garage and catches a glimpse of me in my kitchen window wearing goggles. Would he hit the wall, brake hard, or give it gas? I don’t know but his expression would be priceless.

As handy and needed as onion goggles may be, I could never dawn such kitchen apparel. They’d surely mess up my hair and knock my contacts off center. With that in mind I still wonder what they cost and how many have been sold. After all, even though I’ve never heard of such a thing, they made their way onto national radio.

The creativity of man is a marvelous thing. The human mind is so ingenious it never ceases to amaze me, which prompts me to ask, have you ever wondered how people dream up the things they do? How can man be so creative? Well Genesis 1:27a tells us exactly how, “...God created man in his own image...” There we have it. The answer is simple. Inventions, gadgets, and discoveries come from the fact we were created in the image of God, which means our God is extremely creative, fun, inventive, and purposeful. He knows all things, made all things, and is forever full of wonderful surprises. That’s what makes Him a breathtaking God! Never boring, dull, or monotonous, our God is the Father of all inventions; we are simply tools that reflect that image.

Dear sister let's give Him the glory for onion goggles and all the other things man has invented over the years. And, may we give special thanks to Him for giving His Son Jesus who died on the cross so that we may be saved for eternity. No more tears, no more suffering, no more onions, and no more goggles. Praise His Holy Name!

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