February 5, 2008

The Tour

Our tour of the workshop yesterday went wonderfully. My husband, Jimmy, said he knew from the moment he walked in the door that it was the right place for our daughter. The program director showed us all areas Dani could potentially work and the current projects they were working on at the time. I marveled at how well the employees worked, but above all was amazed at how productive each disabled individual was. Calm, happy, and hard working, they enjoyed what they were doing and appeared very satisfied.

Our daughter, Dani, was quite interested in the workshop too. After the tour, while walking to the car, Jimmy asked her if she would like to work there. She nodded “yes” and proceeded to have a peaceful look on her face the rest of the day. Clearly she craves to be productive like everyone else.

The workshop has agreed to hire Dani, but we still have hurdles to overcome. She must learn to be more independent in areas such as toileting and completing tasks for the job, but we trust God will help her reach these new heights set before her. Truth be told, Jimmy and I have limited her ability to do many things. As one who is a bit of a perfectionist, I often do things for her to get them done right the first time. I don’t let her learn from trial and error and now see how wrong it’s been to hamper her in this way. From here on out, however, we are turning over a new leaf and handing the reigns over to her. She seems excited about the whole prospect of working on her own and to be honest, Jimmy and I are quite exited too. Surely the Lord will guide, strengthen, and protect our little “Mephibosheth!”

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