February 2, 2008

Loving Well Conference

Oh ladies! I just completed a Beth Moore conference today held at my church called “Loving Well” and we had a marvelous time. Presented on DVD, women from all over the Kansas City, Missouri area attended the conference and was blessed. We explored an issue everyone faces at one time or another, loving those who are difficult to love. We learned about the four different kinds of people we are called to love: those who are a joy to love, those who are a bit testy, those who far from us such as strangers, and those who are our foe. She explained each in hilarious fashion and left everyone with much to think about.

The most awe-inspiring truth I walked away with from the conference is the fact God is love. For Him it is not an emotion that comes and goes or depends on how we act. It is who He is. Steady, strong, enduring, and abundant. God is love. With that said, as He seeks to abide in us, His essence of love should live in and through us more and more each day. It should be seen by and shown to those we encounter, even those most difficult to love.

Sisters. This is one touching and insightful conference; one I recommend to you all. If you are women’s group leader or know someone who is, let them know about this conference. It will be a terrific eye opener!

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