June 9, 2011

Your Sista's Havin' a Hysta - Part 4, Hidden Treasure

I'm not sure which I love more, watching a movie that's won a boat load of awards or stumbling across a sleeper that prompts great reflection. While an award winner peaks unparalleled curiosity in the beginning, it can be very disappointing if unable to meet hoopla's high expectation.

A sleeper, on the other hand, has nothing to lose. It in fact holds the upper hand by not being bound with preset expectations. With this in mind, I am always looking off the beaten path for a good movie or book, especially during this time of convalescence. I've been stocking up on a few hidden treasures and the first gem that's gifted me with great joy is Elaine Olsen's "Peace for the Journey."

I've been visiting Elaine's blog for several months and one thing that stands out like a beacon in the night is her enormous love for the Lord. It's simply amazing given her current battle with cancer and the fact it's the real us that comes forward in our most severe trials. I had a sneaking suspicion that God had some special things to teach me through this fellow sister, that's why her study was my first choice during my time of recovery.

Acquiring her study was a snap. I popped her a quick email requesting her literary baby, and in two shakes of a lamb's tail she dispatched an autographed copy. The day it arrived Jimmy plucked it up off the porch step and handed it to me along with an inquiry as to what I'd ordered. "It's Elaine's study!" I exclaimed, assessing the package for its most vulnerable point with which to begin digging in. "She's my blogging friend and I can't wait to begin her study. It's the perfect thing to do while I'm off after surgery."

Once the parcel was open, we stood in awe of the gorgeous cover. I read her endearing autographed note, scanned the back cover and table of contents, and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it was going to be a special study. The excitement was overwhelming. A new fresh author with different experiences, new perspectives, and her own unique writing style. It couldn't get any better, so with a sense of Clint Eastwood victory tucked under my belt, I took in a deep breath and said to myself, "This has made my day!"

With book in hand, I abandoned the packaging debris on the kitchen table and scuttled out onto the deck. Sinking into the swing, I commenced leafing through her pages as if savoring the menu of a five star restaurant. The more I sifted, the more I smiled. It was going to be a great study, my heart told me so. As the title pledges, sweet peace began to ooze from the pages like honey from a honeycomb and I couldn't wait to meet more of Elaine in days to come. What a privilege to discover this hidden treasure.

I'm pleased to say I have in no way been disappointed with Peace on the Journey. Each study is short, sweet, and packed with God's truth. Elaine knows how to write too. She isn't wordy, flowery, or insincere. Every word is perfectly placed, leaving each tidy message packed with power. Each lesson begins with God's holy word and ends with a prayer. She offers questions to contemplate and scripture for added reflection. I truly love every square inch of this thing, so much so I plan to buy more as gifts for my favorite people.

If you enjoy discovering big surprises in unexpected places and traveling off the beaten path to drop in on new authors, visit Elaine's blog or search her book on Amazon. To get your own autographed copy contact her directly through her blog. I don't know about you but I just love that personal touch.

So, how about you? Has a new author blown a fresh breeze into your life recently? If so, please share. I'd love to hear more.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Humbling, gracious, and far more than I deserve.

You're encouraged my heart and my pen, sister.


The Brady's Blog..Not Home Yet said...

This sounds like exactly what my daughter and I need for this journey that we are going through. I would love a copy.

The Beyer family said...

I've only recently regained a connection with Elaine (thanks facebook) after many years elapsed since being classmates in high school and college and what a treat to my summer! In the few moments that I have spent reacquainting myself in the impersonal but highly informational way that my laptop allows I have been blessed and had my appetite whetted for more. Already interested, you have made me eager to get a hold of this book! Thanks for the excellent review, and love to ya' sister Elaine! : )

Crown of Beauty said...

This is my first time on your blog, and the words you write about Elaine and her book are precious.

Elaine is also a blog friend of mine. Even before the cancer struck her life, her life story was already worth reading, and I have been drawn to her blog often to see what God has been doing and to read how she has been putting it into words.

You are right about what you say - she is not insincere with her words... she is not wordy... she is not flowery.

I would certainly love to have an autographed copy of this book.

Thanks for sharing about it.

As I end this comment, I do so with a prayer for your own healing and recovery.


Deborah said...

Wonderful review! I'm a regular reader of Elaine's blog and have her book on my wishlist. It sounds much like Elaine's beautiful blog posts.

Karen said...

I agree...Elaine's book is a treasure...and so is she...

My prayers go out to you for a quick recovery...I had a "hysta" about 10 years ago and after the initial downtime...felt better than I had in years....

Mich said...

What a beautiful book review. I am a bloggy friend of the author and i have been meaning to get her book and read it. Now I know I have to.

UL Cards Fan said...

Would love to have a copy of Elaine's book. I discovered her blog through my fellow Siesta, Sheri at The Leaking Window and it turns out Elaine's parents were active in my church when they lived in Lexington. Love the way God's people are connected.


Cheryl Barker said...

Hey Nancy, I tried to leave a comment earlier and somehow messed it up so here I am again :)

I, too, know sweet Elaine from blogging and would love, love, love to have a copy of her book!

Continued good recovery for you, Nancy, and Elaine, thanks for offering the autographed copy of your book for a lucky winner. Good stuff :)

Jennifer said...

I love Elaine's study too. I even bought one for a friend. She is a treasure.


Kim said...

What a blessing to find your blog and what a great review of Elaine's book. I found Elaine's site when I was going through my cancer journey and was greatly inspired (this was a few months before Elaine was diagnosed with cancer.) I have spent this evening reading your story. What a journey you have been on...I look forward to getting to you better.
PS. Due to complications from chemotherapy, I had to have a complete hysterectomy this past October. Praying for a quick recovery for you!

skoots1mom said...

have been reading her blog for quite some time...
eager to read her book
her next one will be even deeper and heartfelt, i'm sure ;)

jojo said...

what a beautiful heart-felt review of a book that can only possibly be as wonderful as you describe...I've been following Elaine for a few months, finding her shortly after my cancer diagnosis *thyroid*. Her blog fills my heart and now your words have done so also. I would just love to win a copy of the book...either way I will have one in my life as I trust the Lord to provide all my needs. Thank you.

KAT . . . said...

I agree Elaine is a rare treasure! I am blessed with a copy of Peace for the Journey but like you, it's a study to keep and to give away.
Glad to find your blog today. I'll come by again. Thank you for serving in HIS Vineyard.
Happy to be His Handmaiden, Kathie

Lori said...

I have been looking to start a new study and I would be honored to do this one.....Love her blog, wish we were neighbors! Lori