June 4, 2011

Your Sista's Havin' a Hysta - Part 3

Maiden Voyage ~ 10 days post-op

Healing from a total hysterectomy is long and arduous journey, unless you are fortunate enough to have it done laparoscopic. As one who's had to take the longer route to recovery, I cherish even the smallest advancement and can attest to the fact I see improvement every day, and I think I know why.

Having had time to plan for this surgery, I decided before hand to increase my exercise. Lifting weights, doing aerobics, walking, and taking stairs throughout the day were all in the mix. My theory was to go into the procedure stronger than normal so that my point of recovery would begin at a better place.

Then, once surgery was complete, I dedicated to increasing my protein intake. When weight lifters lift weights and runners cross the miles, the first thing they do after each workout is replenish fluids and protein. Extreme workouts break down muscle fibers, allowing them to heal and grow stronger as a result. Rebuilding muscle requires protein though, and since my abdominal muscles underwent maximum assault, logic dictates that they need plenty of protein to heal and restore. I was so determined to take in at least 30 grams of protein each day, I brought premixed protein drinks to the hospital, adding them to my diet immediately.

Last but not least, I implemented the advice of fellow hyster sisters and made special effort to begin moving immediately after surgery. A mere 12 hrs after surgery, after the foley catheter was removed, Jimmy would help me get up to the restroom, but before heading back in bed, we'd walk (creep actually) to my hospital room door, then to the window, and back to bed. Given the fact my room was the size of a small studio apartment (two T.V.'s, couch, recliner, bookshelf, counter with sink, and desk by the window) it was no short hike. Each time I'd use the restroom I'd walk a little more, and continued this tradition at home where I'd walk small laps, adding more each day. For me it was most helpful to focus on doing a little more each day rather than the discomfort or exhaustion. It's a good thing too because without a doubt each consecutive day proved better than the one before, a recipe I highly recommend.

Saturday (yesterday) was my first outing. We loaded Dani and the pups in the car and took off. Jimmy ran into a few stores, while I saved my energy for my favorite destination, a quaint mercantile east of home in the country.

My chauffeur and honey

Ecclesiastes was way in the back
while Cocoa enjoyed Dani
as a pillow

Old country store off the beaten path

Salt and pepper shakers galore

Dips, sauces, and jellies
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1 comment:

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I've read all your posts pertaining to your hysta. 5 years ago, I had my uterus removed; this past February the ovaries. So all is "gone" for obvious reasons. You've gone through a huge ordeal, and it will take a season to get back your stride. But getting out and working your muscles is a very good thing, even though it's contrary to probably what you want to do!

I've been a runner for years; cancer took that away from me. But I still walk everyday, even when it's slow going.

Keep to it, friend. Thoughts and prayers for you tonight.