February 21, 2008

Cabin Fever in Kansas City

I distinctly remember the weatherman predicting a mild winter. But nothing could have been further from the truth. We’ve had more snow, sleet, and freezing rain this winter than I can recall in years. Today is no exception. It may not look bad, but it's extremely slick outside and with area schools and events closed again, I too, have had to cancel my day’s events.

To keep myself busy I vacuumed the carpet, washed three loads of laundry, and worked on my ministries’ outreach. Now, it’s noon and I’m bored. As I hopped into the shower to warm up, I had a thought. “The blog! Yes! There must be others just like me homebound by this vast storm. I’ll send my ladies a note. After all, misery loves company. Right?”

If you’re stuck somewhere, for whatever reason, I hope you find cause to celebrate. I can’t tell you how quickly my boredom vanished when I thought of you. And no sooner from smiling at the thought of you did other blessings come to mind. “Oh, how thankful I am that Ecclesiastes (our pup) is calmer today than he was yesterday. Today he's mellow yellow! Thank you, Lord. And Dani is in such a good mood. What a pleasure to be stuck at home with her on this cold winter day. And the appointment I had to cancel for today was easily rescheduled for Monday. Thanks to God for taking care of that.”

If you’ve come down with a little bit of cabin fever yourself, let me encourage you to think of something good. You don’t have to come up with a long list, just think of one. Then, like bait at the end of a fishing line, more pleasant and fond thoughts will come naturally. Thank God for your job, health, family, and friends. Simple as each may seem, added together, they greatly enrich our lives. Determine to praise God for all that is good in your life. I promise you it will lift your spirit!

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Gabrielle said...

I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and you are in my prayers.

Much Love, Gabrielle