February 11, 2008

Our Day in Court

We hired a lawyer to represent ourselves and the court assigned an attorney to represent her. The date was set and today is the day, so off to court we go.

We haven’t done anything wrong. I wasn’t caught speeding and I don’t have any outstanding parking tickets. The only thing that happened was the birth of our daughter, nineteen years ago. Born deaf, Autistic, and Failure to Thrive, she is completely unable to care for herself. She cannot defend herself or express some of her simplest desires and needs a guardian to care for her every need, which is why we are going to court.

When Dani was born we thought what all parents think when they have children. We assumed she’d grow up to eat pizza, watch movies with her friends, head off to college, and then settle down with the man of her dreams. But for Dani this will never happen and today serves to confirm this sobering fact.

I won’t deny that I yearn for our little girl to be normal, but I’ve long since learned that I can’t have all the things I want in life, even some which I deem noble and good. The will of God spans far deeper and wider than my finite mind can comprehend and my job is not to try to change His will, but rather to do what Christ has called me to do, reflect the image of His Father. I do this by caring for our daughter as best I can. As I commit myself to her, I reflect what He does for me. Not my will, but His will be done. This is the lesson that’s taken me nineteen years to learn.

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