January 21, 2008

Finally Made it to Church

It finally happened. We all went to church together, as a family! After two long months, we all attended the service and went to Sunday school yesterday and it felt great. Our daughter, Danielle, has battled several health issues for weeks on end and she always seems worse on Sundays. Because of this, Jimmy and I take turns going to church so the other can stay home and care for her. To be honest I am prone to feel sorry for myself. I don’t like going to church alone and I don’t like missing it all together. I want to go with the whole family every Sunday and I don’t want anything to impede the process. I feel sorry for myself when things don’t run smoothly and I invariably blame it on having a disabled child.

The interesting thing I learned yesterday, however, is that our family is not the only one suffering from poor attendance. Many families, especially during the winter months, are going through the same thing. Families with multiple children are hit the hardest as they pass germs around as if it were a popular toy. They say misery loves company and for me, during times of trial, it is true. It was a blessing of encouragement yesterday to discover we are not the only family who struggles to make it to church. As much as I wish we could all be at church every Sunday, sometimes absenteeism is simply unavoidable. I don’t know why God doesn’t pave the way for those of us who want to attend so badly, I only know that I need to work on having a more positive response on the days we cannot attend and learn to pray for others who are in the same boat. If you suffer from this same scenario I encourage you do the same. Let us pray for one another without ceasing!

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean sister! Now I don't feel so all alone. Thanks.