January 18, 2008

"Draw Me Near" Bible Study

I just wrote in my “Internet Journal” yesterday, but heard some fantastic news I want to share with you. Four years ago I wrote the 10-week Bible study, "Draw Me Near", which God promptly stored away on the shelf. I had the privilege of teaching it again last year, but back on the shelf it went again. I’ve often wondered why He had me write it in the first place for I’ve had so little opportunity to get it out to the women it was written for. “Just trust and wait” God would say. So I did, as if there were any other choice.

Well…I just got wind that my study is being taught in one the largest churches in our area. Though not video based, it does come with a leader’s guide designed to help anyone (and I mean anyone) lead this study. To say the least I am tickled pink. It warms my heart to think a church would offer their women a study written by a new author and that some brave soul is willing to lead it herself. I just know the Lord will bless this courageous woman for stepping up to guide His flock in this new study.

It’s a good study if I must say so myself. I say this not to brag, but because I know who really wrote it, God. I am but His secretary. My job is not to think up things to write but to listen closely to hear what He has to say. This of course is why He has me home alone with a disabled child. To block out the noise of the world so I can hear Him when He speaks. I heard Him well when He dictated “Draw Me Near” to me. That’s why I am so excited for these women. I’ll give you one guess who I’ll be praying for over the next 10 weeks!

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