January 27, 2008

"...I Think I Want a Dog"

“Dear…I think I want a dog.” I said to my husband, Jimmy, who sat next to me virtually stunned in the local fast food restaurant. “A dog? Are you sure? They can be a lot of work,” he said to his avid cat-loving wife. “Yes dear I feel the Lord is calling us to get a dog. A yellow Labrador named Ecclesiastes to be exact.” Such a name was the second blow to my man as he sat at our tiny table peppered with French fries and ice cream. Poor guy.

Within a couple of weeks we had a dog. His name is Ecclesiastes, he was born on Jimmy’s birthday, and his owner came from the tribe of Judah (not literally but that was her last name.) With our son off to college, my husband traveling full-time, and me and our daughter home alone, I was ready for a friend and companion. After much prayer and deliberation, God confirmed Ecclesi was the pup He had in mind for us and as usual God’s blessing are abundant. We have not regretted getting a dog for one single moment. His presence has breathed new life into this all but empty nest, put a smile on everyone’s face, and promoted me to a new level of exercise. Everything about him is good for our family and oh how I love waking up to that little smiling face that looks like a golden sugar cookie decorated with two chocolate chip eyes and a big prune nose. Man, he’s a doll! God really knew what He was doing when He told me to get a yellow lab named Ecclesiastes. Oh, and why that name? Well…that’s another dog blog.

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