July 30, 2009

"Just for Fun" Quiz Results

Monday I shared with you the war between my more delicate clothing and Jimmy's multi-velcro-pocketed cargo shorts. At the end of each wash cycle I'd open the machine to the horrifying scene of my nylon underwear clinging to dear life amidst a good choking by his Velcro vipers. Something had to be done, so now my delicates bathe alone in peace and then hang dry in the cool gentle breeze of a fan on low.

Quiz Answer: On behalf of mental exercise, I posed the question asking which side of the clothes line you thought my skirt was hung on to create this particular angle. It bends the mind to think it does make a difference. Believe it or not the long end was on the upslope of the line as it hung on the left side of the clothesline. I would have guessed the short end would have been on the upslope.

I discovered another surprise when washing the skirt a second time to get it back in shape. Rewetting it didn't work. It still came out crooked as an old walking stick. It took me repeating this process a third time to realize that all I had to do was hang it on a "straight" line and manually pull it back into shape. Three washes and two blogs later I have my skirt back.

If you want to hear a true horror story read Cheryl Barkers comment on Monday's blog about her daughter's wedding dress when they hung it on a line two weeks before the wedding. My trial pales in comparison.

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Cheryl Barker said...

Nancy, glad you got the skirt issue "straigthened" out :)

Have a great weekend!