July 5, 2009

After Dark...No Problem

One of my favorite summer activities is reading a good book on the deck. I swing and read as the dogs romp around until they're too pooped to play and plop at my feet. Since the longest daylight hours have come to pass, valuable reading time is beginning to dwindle be it ever so small.

Defying nature I decided to get a book light. I've seen them for years but never felt the need for one, until recently. I used it for the first time last night and discovered it is handier than a pocket on a shirt! The sun set and I kept reading. Dani got tired of swinging and went into the house and I continued on. Even Ecclesiastes headed indoors to get a break from the fireworks over head, leaving Cocoa and me swinging in the dark as my "Mighty Bright" light illuminated every word.

I bought this handy little thing at Barnes and Noble for $14.95. It uses three AAA batteries and gives 22 hours of reading time. I absolutely love my new little buddy and look forward to using it again tonight. If you haven't tried it I'd say it a good investment for all avid readers.


Anonymous said...

What are you reading?

Nancy said...

I'm reading Francine Rivers' "The Atonement Child" It's a good one as usual.

Amy E. said...

oH my gosh..The Atonement Child..
never have I ever been so angry at a character in a book!! Loved that book...I am currently on book 3 of The Mark of the Lion Series.

oh and yes..a good book light is quite handy! I think I now have 3?
have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to read that one. I loved Redeeming Love!

valerie said...

Hi Nancy.....

I haven't talked to you in quite a while and have missed you.

This is the neatest little light. What a great idea!
I'm glad you're able to enjoy your book outside.
Sounds very relaxing.

Have a great week!

Jen said...

I've been wanting to get one of those lights...I just don't think about it except when I want to use one!