August 2, 2009

Puppy Reunion

This weekend Cocoa reunited with two of his siblings, Molly and Ki. It was a small gathering, but feisty, furry, and fun just the same. We let the dogs run in the field before lunch so they could get to know each other again and then watched them swim for hours on end. It was a dog-on good time!

Cocoa and Ecclesi (front)
Ki (heading up the rear)

Cocoa (left) and Ki (right)

Ecclesi (left)
Cocoa and Ki (middle)
Little Miss Molly
(far right looking like a character in Dr. Seuss)

Cocoa on Molly's tail

Ki and Cocoa

It was fun to compare notes. All the pups love people and are as gentle as lambs. Ki did a beautiful thing when he arrived. Even though it's been six months and 80 lbs since he was last here, the first thing he did when he walked in the front door was head straight toward the bedroom he was born. Following his nose, he found his way back to the very beginning of his tenure here on this earth. It was stunning and truly amazing.

Then there's little Miss Molly who seemed to know Ecclesi was not her brother and therefore had a crush on him. All she did during her visit was bark in his ear while he retrieved one toy after another. The less attention he gave her the louder she barked and the more she barked the less attention she got. It was a viscous circle that reminded me a bit of high school.

All the pups have wonderful homes and though it would have been great to get them all together I am not sure we could have handled so many rambunctious pups. Suffice it to say God has faithfully answered the prayers I prayed over each pup by placing them in safe, good, and loving homes. Thank you God!

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Barbara said...

That's so much fun! Actually when I was a little girl, my parents bought a cocker spaniel for me (named Jeff), and the first place he hightailed it to was right under my bed....and that's where I found him. I love dogs, and since then I had a schnautzer named Benji who was the smartest dog, and very obedient (usually). We're just animal lovers at heart!