June 29, 2009

Lying In Repose?

I headed out to run errands after lunch on Sunday and as I departed Jimmy was fixing to read Dani a tale from her new story book. They had been locking horns all week for one reason or another. Come to find out she'd been suffering from PMS with a dash of Autism, a wicked and very real combination for sure. I could tell she was playing him like a fiddle, so I said a little prayer before turning the ignition of the car in hopes to ensure a good report when I arrived home.

I enjoyed a leisurely stroll through Office Max as I sifted through their colorful selection of calendars and carefully chose which clear colored ruler I wanted for work. The heavy oppressive humidity that had been plaguing Kansas City for weeks had lifted making my journey extra special. I hadn't a clue what was going on at home but I had said my prayers trusting all was well.

When I arrived home Jimmy was sprawled out on the couch and the house was silent as a funeral home. Glancing first to my left and then the right, I asked where Dani was and how story time went. "She began crying before I ever read the title to the story so I told her to go lay down until she got control of herself" he said with complete resolve.

Interesting turn of events. Didn't expect to hear that. So, with purse and package in hand I walked down the hall and peeped into Dani's room. Obedient to his request she had indeed gone to her room to lie on her bed and proceeded to stay there till she fell asleep, leaving her to look exactly like a corpse. It was a creepy sight and reminded me how in the old days families would put the body of a loved one on display in their home before burial. If it hadn't been for her raspy snoring I would have been totally mortified. I gently closed her bedroom door bothered by the fact her hearing aids were on and running for no good reason, but I couldn't bear the thought of disturbing her "peaceful" state.

She woke refreshed and we enjoyed a pleasant Sunday afternoon together.


Cheryl Barker said...

Nancy, glad the afternoon ended up going well :) I liked how you said she was "playing him like a fiddle" :)

I posted a special prayer need on my blog last night. I'd love for you to come check it out when you get a chance. I appreciate your prayers!


Kristen Love said...

Aww...wish I could sleep that well :-) Having a nice nap helps everyone!

katiegfromtennessee said...

The Lord worked through it, didn't He?:) Sleeping through hormonal times is a plus:)

Blessings to you today,


Amy E. said...

One of my life rules:
Naps make everything better!! And I am sooo thankful I have the ability to Power Nap!! I hope that stays true whenever I have kids!!

Hope you have a wonderful 4th!!