June 19, 2009

"Green" Bean

It feels as though we’ve had little Cocoa Bean for a very long time. Born in our home over six months ago on Thanksgiving Day, we’ve literally watched him grow up from the moment he took his first breath. Long before he ever opened his eyes, we chose the little pup that looked like a rich brown cocoa bean lying on the bath towel among the litter of nine.

Life with Mr. Bean has been interesting to say the least. Sometimes it feels a bit like Marley and Me, one attention-grabbing chapter after another. For example just the other day I was all dressed and ready for work in my gold tapestry skirt when the thought hit me, “Uh oh…it just rained and Beanie Weanie’s been outside longer than it takes time to pee. If he is at all his normal self he’s digging in the mud.” Sure enough a look out the window confirmed my inkling. He had mud half way up to his elbows and snout.

Beano’s chewed up more things than I care to recall and has kept us up more nights than both kids put together, but without question he’s the smartest doggon dog I’ve ever seen. He can figure anything out in a snap. When Ecclesiastes was a pup he had a terrible time picking up the Frisbee when it landed rim down. He’d paw and claw at it like a hound dog at a rabbit hole, but the first time Cocoa encounter the same Frisbee he flipped it over with his nose like a short order cook flipping pancakes. Simply put, if he wants something bad enough he’ll figure a way to get it, especially when it comes to comfort.

One day while walking the dogs, Jimmy noticed Bean Pole walking weird. It was a beautiful sunny day and he couldn’t figure out why he was acting so strange. After watching him for a while Jimmy figured out that Bean was trying to walk in the shade of the wall along the sidewalk and when that shade was gone he'd revert to walking in Jimmy’s shadow. Zig zagging all over the sidewalk; his number one goal was to exercise in ease. It's no surprise that today, while walking the dogs, I nearly laughed my head off as Cocoa walk with his head under Ecclesi’s big noggin for shade.

Now, one could perceive this as lazy or selfish, but we think it’s efficient. You might call him a bit of a green Bean.

"Cocoa Bean"
Beanster, Beanie Weanie,
Bean Bag, Green Bean, Bean Pole,
Coke, and Coaxster.


Shirley said...

He's just beautiful, too. I love all of the nicknames he has :)

katiegfromtennessee said...

You make me smile, Mrs. Nancy. Your dog names make me smile:)


Anonymous said...

Cocoa Bean has an adorable face! Did you ever watch Captain Kangaroo? You could call him Mr Green Beans! hee hee

Our dog has 50 names too. ; )

Cheryl Barker said...

He is the cutest dog! Love the nicknames :)