April 29, 2009

Update on Dani

Dani is doing fantastic in her Day Hab program. Those assisting her all know sign language and she loves meeting all the clientele. Her teacher, Loretta, is so kind. She hurt her foot and has to wear a walking boot, something Dani is a bit obsessed over. Every time she refers to her teacher she signs the word "pain." (I am a bit obsessive about some things too I suppose. Shoes and sandals yes, walking boots...not so much. To each his/her own.)

In passing, Dani's teacher heard us mention church and immediately asked, "Oh, would Dani be interested in Bible study? We have various clubs and one of them is Bible study." Well, I was thrilled to here this good news and told her that Dani loves to share how much Jesus lovers her and what a sweet heart she has. Nothing would thrill her more than to learn more about God. She and the Lord have a special bond that is amazing to watch.

So there you have it. She's doing great and we are so happy for her. We love the program and they love her. That's all we could ask for. Thank you Lord for blessing our little lamb!


hillbillyclan said...

What a blessing! God is so good and so faithful, isn't He? One day maybe we'll get to see what our children saw as God showed Himself to them.

Longmeadow Mama said...

Don't you love how God works out all the details?! Who would've ever imagined there would be a Bible Study as a part of Dani's new job?! A blessed example of Ephesians 3:20!
Continued blessings,

Cheryl Barker said...

What wonderful news, Nancy. May God continue to bless!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Yes, He has blessed her. Praise the Lord:):)


Beverly said...

I had to wear one of these very same boots for eight months when I have foot surgery several years ago.
When I did the 50 Mile MS Challenge Walk two years ago I had to wear it while I walked all 50 miles. That was tough!

It's not fun but once you get out of the thing you realize how much it helped.