May 2, 2009


Periodically Dani comes to me with her best buddy who needs a little repair. Meet "Squeezer" her favorite pillow. It's a soft green well-worn Chenille pillow that is easy to find, except when you want one. Then they are scarce as hen's teeth, which is why I keep my sewing kit handy for quick first aid.

She showed me Squeezer's ailments the other day; his stuffing coming out one side. With furrowed brows she pointed to the hole and signed "pain" which is her way of saying he needed mending. I sat down to repair one hole and ended up suturing seven wounds. Now he's good as new and ready for a good cuddle. Bless her sweet heart, she asks for so little.


Anonymous said...

It's a well loved pillow!

katiegfromtennessee said...

God uses the simplest things to comfort us, doesn't He?

Blessings to you, Mrs. Nancy:)


Abba's Girl said...

I bought a throw at J C Penneys that colour...looks like the same fabric...if you have 1 in your area, check their throws, maybe you can sew 1 into a pillow.