May 19, 2009

Baptism in a Flash

SETTING: Nancy and Dani arrive home to see Jimmy and dogs had opened the pool moments before.

CONVERSATION: As Nancy walks along the back side of the pool (5 month old Cocoa Bean in tow) she says, "It's only a matter of time before Cocoa falls in. He's used to running all around the back yard, especially across the pool tarp. He has no idea he can't walk on the water."

APPROXIMATELY 4-6 SECONDS LATER: Cocoa drops into the water and begins to swim for the first time in his life. Amazingly enough he begins to turn and swim toward the stairs but winds up swimming to the wall by the stairs instead. Running to the other side of the pool I throwing my purse aside and bend over to guide him toward the stairs. Jimmy decides to help as well and leans over along side me nearly toppling me in with Mr. Bean. When all was said and done my hair and my sun glasses were drenched with toad-green water. Thankfully Beano made it out no worse for the wear. Baptism complete!

Welcome to your first spring Cocoa Bean!

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