May 13, 2009

"Lettuce" Learn

Jimmy and I planted a garden this year. Our pots on the deck are full of beautiful large leafy lettuce plants. Whenever we want a salad we simply grab a bowl and scissors and harvest the meal. Today we took the dogs out for walk/jog (Jimmy walked and I jogged to keep up) and came back hot, tired, and hungry. Like the nifty city farmer I am, before heading to the shower I clipped some lettuce for lunch. There's nothing like crisp cold greens, so I told Jimmy I'd put the lettuce in the freezer while I showered. (Some of you already know what's gonna happen.)

Once clean, refreshed, and ready for a five star salad, Jimmy presented me with the bowl from the freezer. With leaves stiff as a board I said, "Oh, that's no problem just rinse them with cool water. They'll be fine." He rinsed them...but things weren't fine. The freezer killed the lettuce deader than a door nail and the water wilted them like the wicked witch of the west.

Normal lettuce vs freeze "died"

"Lettuce" discern for ourselves what is right;
"Lettuce" learn together what is good.
Job 34:4 (NGV)
(New Green Version)


Abba's Girl said...

I had my fridge set too low one time and froze a lot of lettuce...could not believe the results...

katiegfromtennessee said...

That's coolness that you have fresh lettuce like that! My husband wants one of those hanging tomato plants, i'm cool with that:)


Regina said...

That is just sad looking. Thankfully you had a garden and could go get some more.

Amy E. said...

I think I am going to try my hand at tomatoes..the ones that hang and grow downward...I think it will work well on an apartment balcony.