May 11, 2009

Triple Tiara Day

They say what goes around comes around. Last Friday I shared with you my tradition of buying our son the same birthday card for years on end. Of course when a person does these things they are in essence training up their child to pull the same tricks on them. Perhaps that is why Drew shipped me a Disney tiara for Mother's Day.

When we spoke on his birthday I remember him asking about my upcoming speaking schedule. Naturally I shared the information. Lo and behold a few days later I received a tiara with a note saying, "...please enjoy the tiara. I thought you could wear it when you speak at churches."

I already have two tiaras from the Esther study I recently completed. Our leader handed them out the first day and I took an extra one home for our daughter. Compared to the one Drew sent me they pale in comparison. The Esther tiaras are small and light-weight; good for everyday use. Drew's, however, is much bigger and heavier. Perfect for special occasions like speaking events!

Here I am in all my glory.
It's good to have a tiara for every occasion.


Tammy said...

I think you look absolute beautiful in your tiara.

The bigger one is definitely for special occasions.

Cheryl Barker said...

This is hilarious, Nancy. I so needed a chuckle today. I lost a friend, along with one of her sons, in a car accident on Saturday night. Please pray for Amy's family.

Thanks again for sharing this. Love it :)

Anonymous said...

Esther would be proud!

You have 'trained up' Drew well!


katiegfromtennessee said...

Mrs. Nancy,

That is too cute, all those tiaras:) That is cool that your group leader did that for your Esther study! I wanted to thankyou as well for praying for me for my invitro. The embryo transfer went well yesterday. The Lord is to be praised!

Blessed day to you,


Regina said...

Every daughter of the King needs 2 or 3 or 4 Tiaras to wear.

Amy E. said...

LOVE the tiara!!!