April 25, 2009

"A Regular Guy"

I met a great gal on facebook. Her name is Laura Shumaker. She too is the parent of an Autistic child and has written a book. She offered to send me her book, which I promptly received in the mail a few days later. I am currently reading two book, so when her's came in the mail I planned to scan the back cover and Table of Contents, then pack it away till I was done with my other two. As planned, I read the back cover then turned to Table of Contents, but I couldn't stop there. Something compelled me to read the first chapter and soon I couldn't put the thing down. I was hooked and it became my top priority.

Laura is not only a loving wife and mother of three beautiful boys, one with significant special needs, but she's also a very gifted writer. Never once did she break my cardinal rule of writing which says it is a sin to bore your reader. I laughed, cried, and sat stunned as I turned each page. Yesterday, toward the end of the book, the tension of my tears gave me such a headache I had to quit reading for the night. Her words eloquently describe our own trials so well that it touched my heart in places that are still tender with scars. Some things were down right hard to read, but as I finished the last pages just moments ago I felt a special kinship with her as well as great admiration for the tenacity she's had amidst such difficult circumstances. I can only hope to have a fragment of her strength as we too deal with the challenges of raising a disabled child.

If you know anyone with an Autistic child who might be ready to read Laura's account (and I stress the word ready) sent them her way. She speaks a truth that can bring great healing. This is also good for family and friends who want to know what life with Autism is like. I highly recommend this book to anyone!

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