January 4, 2009


Through the weeks many of you have asked which pup we've chosen to keep and how the adoptions are going. Jimmy and I chose little "Cocoa Bean" and we'll have pictures of him this week after all pups are gone and the dander has settled.

Drew left for Springfield on New Year's Day and took the four remaining pups who do not yet have a home. I cried as we packed them up because I knew I wouldn't see them again. Drew was sad to leave part of the litter here and felt quite a bit of pressure to find good homes for the ones he was taking. They are all so sweet but he can't keep them in his apartment for long. All I could do was tell him to do what I've been doing since they day they were born, "pray for each pup as you hold and love on them and then trust God to lead the way." Of course I know they are just dogs, but they are also God's gift to us as companions and protectors. Because of this I treasure each and every one of them.

Once he left we had four pups left. One girl, Molly, left the next day leaving us with three. Monday my sister will take Pilgrim and Friday Natalie (Dani's speech therapist) will take her little cinnamon stick. Next weekend it'll just be Cocoa Bean left and oh how we look forward to a quiet home. It's been a labor of love but mama Douglas is tired! I haven't written a word on my current book project since Thanksgiving and just realized I promised several months ago to write a book review for another author and still do not have it done. It feels as though I've been on another planet and I look forward to coming back down to earth and getting back to work.

I will have pictures of Cocoa Bean by the end of the week and promise not talk dog talk again for a while. Have a blessed Sunday and may the Lord shine His light on you in a new life-changing way.


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thislittlepiggy said...

Talk dog all you want. I love the updates! :o)