January 19, 2009

Can God Trust You to Wait?


Amy E. said...

Thank you Nancy for this devo..and I thank the Lord for his timing in bringing it to you to share. Of all mornings I desperately needed this..today was the day. Thanks for being a blessing.

Julie said...

You sound like me. As I child I couldn't ever sit still.... Yea, I never liked waiting, BUT GOD.... He came for me and has been lovingly teaching me to wait. It is all about intimacy with Him... The more I am consumed by His fierce love, knowing His deep heart, the more easily I can wait.

Thank you for coming by for a visit and your sweet words. My blog is my heart's musings on the discoveries of the relentless love of my Papa God.

I am grateful that you visited.
Have a blessed day!

Sharon said...

I love this video, I can tell you I use to have a hard time sitting and waiting, I was not good at this until the lord showed me and taught me more about patience. I have learned that I had to have a relationship with God and not to fear so much of him.
"""""Relax God(I'm) in Control!!"""
I have learned but this is no doubt a wonderful reminder, and I shall ponder this for the day.
Praise God!
I was so excited that you came over and visited me.
I can tell you are blessing to be a blessing to so many of us.
Looking forward to returning soon.
Have a Blessed day my Sister in Christ

From the Heart said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Your devotion was good. Most of the times that I've had a problem I've always gotten the scripture "to wait". The wait has always been worth it.
Come back anytime.

Laura said...

This is so true, Nancy. I love your story about when you and Jimmy were dating. I think we can all relate to that! MOments of silence can still be hard for me. Thanks for reminding me that they are good things sometimes!

I'm glad you stopped by to see me...

katiegfromtennessee said...

Mrs. Nancy, waiting on God is such a relevant topic to me. Waiting is obedience and knowing that He loves us means we can wait on an answer...I love that. He is our Abba, Father who hears and cares.

Blessings to you,


Abba's Girl said...

Great devotion, thank you.