January 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary OLM Blog!

Today is the Olive Leaf Ministries' first year blog anniversary and let me tell you I remember the beginning as if it were yesterday. Not only was I foggy on what it meant to blog, but totally unsure what I would write each week. 

In spite of all the hesitations I committed to giving it a try...and whala...here we are a year later with a blog I absolutely love. I get to meet people from all around the world and share the good news of Jesus all along the way. It's a modern day tool I believe the Lord loves, when used for His purpose, and I look forward to many more years and new friends to come.

Blessings to all my blogging friends!


Abba's Girl said...


Your blog is a blessing. I think my blog anniv is this weekend. I will have to check. Have a blessed day.


Yolanda said...


Congratulations. My hearts desire is that our blogs will point others to Christ and deepen not only the readers walk with Him, but mine as well.


Higher Grounds

Sherry said...

Congratulations on a great job! I just passed my 1 year mark, too. Your blog is very inspiring and I visit often -- sometimes as a "peep" and at other times as a commenter.

Blessing, Nancy, as you begin year 2!

Amy E. said...

Happy Bloggivesary!! I have not been reading your blog quite a year..but it has surely been a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

linda said...

Happy Blogoversary Nancy! Your one year mark is such a milestone...and something to be proud of. You have a wonderful blog and a God given talent. It's apparent that you use it for God's purpose and you will be blessed for it!

My one year mark is coming up soon too (in 22 days). I'm so excited!

SB said...

happy Blogoversary to you. Traditional gift for 1st year is LOTS of positive comments. So just know that you're loved!


katiegfromtennessee said...

Many blessings to you too, Mrs. Nancy!:) Happpy Anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Your blog IS a blessing! (Agreeing with the first comment.)

Thank you so much, Nancy, for doing the Lord's work online. Love, Barbara

Oh, and
Happy Blogoversary.

Cheryl Barker said...

I agree, Nancy. Blogs can be a wonderful ministry tool. Happy Anniversary -- and may God continue to bless your blogging ministry!

Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love your blog and enjoy dropping by every Monday morning with my coffee to learn something new through your video.

I got my prayer journal and am excited to put it to use.I can't wait to see all the prayers God going to answer,one way or another :)