January 3, 2009

An Answer to Prayer

This week I introduced you to Natalie, Dani's long-time speech therapist. She has the patience of Job and is one of the most loving people you'd ever want to meet. Our biggest concern when trying to find homes for Lyla's nine pups is finding trustworthy people who will take good care of the dog we give them. As God would have it, Natalie was looking for a dog, a Lab to be exact, and low and behold we had just what she was looking for. 

The day after we had lunch she came over and picked out this little cinnamon colored pup. Here he is with a toy he will take home with him so he will have the comforting and familiar scent of his brothers and sisters.

It's so good to know our little cinnamon stick is going to a good and loving home!


Abba's Girl said...

What a cute puppy...I remember when people came to pick up their puppies (years ago when I bred my dog once)...I was almost overcome w/ grief even though I knew many of the new owners. Cute, cute pictures.

Shirley said...

Oh - isn't he just the cutest, snuggliest, little bundle ever? Glad he has found a good home. Where is your new little puppy? Pictures...pictures :)

linda said...

Thank goodness for Natalie...she's such a blessing to your family.

I'm sure she and Cinnamon will have a great life together.

Nema® said...

i love this doggy *_*

Amy E. said...

Oh my goodhess..that adorable face makes me want a house so badly!!! yes I said HOUSE..so that we could have a yard..and an adorable lab!!! I had a lab when I was a kid..sweetest dog ever!! But apartment dwelling does not bode well for such pups..well at least once they are not pups anymore!!
The dogs are just precious!! Hope they all find wonderful homes!

thislittlepiggy said...

Just TOO sweet! :o)