May 9, 2008

Twice Tagged

I have been tagged for a "personal" themed Meme by a dear friend Dr. Boucher.

Here are the rules:
1. List these rules on your post.
2. Answer the following questions in your post.
3.At the end of the post tag 4-5 people. List their name with blog link and leave a comment on their blog to tag them.
4. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answers.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was working as an RN in a school for children with communicative disorders.

2. What are five things on your to-do list today?
Have my morning cappuccino (I am still not awake), then a cup of Starbuck's Verona coffee. It's the best!
Take my book "Freedom" to Mardel's for them to place on their bookshelves.
Mail eleven books of "Freedom" to various book reviewers across the country who have requested it. Thanks guys!
Enjoy lunch with Jimmy (my husband) who is off today!

3. What snacks do you enjoy?
Chocolate covered pretzels

4. What would you do if you became a billionaire?
The same thing I am doing now, writing and teaching women the Word of God.

5. What are your bad habits?
I often battle taking time to rest from work.

6. Where have you lived?
In Kansas City, MO all my life, and I love it!

7. What are five interesting jobs you've had?
My first job was working at Zarda Dairy as a clerk and ice cream scooper. This job taught me I didn't like sales.
Then I was an orderly/aid at a hospital Recovery Room. (I loved playing frisbee with other orderlies in the O.R. hallways. Specimen lids fly quite well!)
I have also worked in ICU (this was my favorite job of all), hospital supervision, and as a school nurse with children with disabilities.

8. Who have you tag to continue the meme fun?


Mommyluann said...

Jewelry making? did I see that in your profile somewhere? That's funny, I am on the event's team at church. WE are planning a Ladie's nite out and want to do a jewelry making party of sorts with a spiritual emphasis. You don't know any "christians" it the Johnson City, TN area that would do that sort of thing do you?

and i'll get the the meme soon as I can...I love em

valerie said...

Thanks Nancy!
I'll work on it this evening when I get home from work.
By the way, I'd love a signed copy of your book and will gladly send you a check for the book/shipping etc. if that's a possibility?
I understand if it's not. But....I LOVE Mardel's and can spend hours in there & I'll be looking for your book.
Happy Mother's Day!

Mommyluann said...

thanks Nancy. I did google jewlrey making and Christian jewelry more hits on the first and one on the second for my area, but I did call a local store to see what they recommended. We did a card making class last summer with one of our own was a special night and alot of fun. I used all the cards we made that night.

Blessings! I'm off to get ready for a end of the year picnic at the Christian school my boys go to and then I'm subbing in the afternoon for 6th grade. I guess I'll work on Jewelry making later! ha ha We are hosting the Beth Moore simulcast this fall...I'm over that..say a prayer it comes together. And by the way, Jennifer Rothchild is a fave of mine too. I got to hear her last weekend at the E-Women conference that came to Johnson City. She is the real deal.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Nancy! It means a lot to me that you referred to me as your "dear friend". I feel the same way about you.

I feared making my meme too long, and so didn't include some extended visits to other places, like Leavenworth, Kansas. Rob and I lived there for 6 weeks as newlyweds while he took a course at the the Fort. We visited K City once, and that is the only time I have ever been in Kansas. How far is Wichita from you? I have a nephew who lives there now.

I know it was in God's plan for us to meet online. Let's hope He divines for us to meet in person sometime before we are both in His glorious presence. Barbara

Mommyluann said...

I posted my meme answers!

Mommyluann said...

I got tickled...your comment posted 5 times on my meme!

I know where Bat Cave is..never stopped there though. I went to school at Bob Jones University, hence my 4 year stay in Greenville, SC.

I have a friend that lives in Neosho, Missouri..anywhere near you?

littlerad said...

Thank you tagging me, I will get on this on Monday...
I hope you have a great Mothers Day...