May 23, 2008

Cheap Thrill (One Dollar to be Exact)

Dani and I took my dad to the barber to get his hair cut. It's only a ten minute wait but I get bored easily so we visited the dollar store next door. 

As we walked in the front door we discovered a huge display of Dani's favorite thing...Hawaiian leis! We both knew we had struck gold and since you can't find them just anywhere, I grabbed one that was her favorite color and she wore it the rest of the day.  She proudly posed for the camera once we got home.

A dollar well spent!

(In case you're wondering. Her shirt says, "My Brother Belongs in the Zoo."  Since she cannot speak we let her shirts do the talking.)  


Anonymous said...

That's a great photo of Dani! She looks happy, and honestly, I'm thinking I might like one of those, too!

Michelle V said...


That's precious and I love the shirt! Dollar stores are awesome!


valerie said...

Dani looks adorable!
Isn't God good to give us those little "cheap thrills?"
By the way, I love her shirt!
Have a great weekend.

littlerad said...

Sometimes I love how simple life can be...
YOu are in my prayers today...

Mommyluann said...

Doesn't take much to please kids sometimes, does it? I love leis too. When I was in Hawaii on mission team the summers of '88 and'89 I had some REAL ones. When they dried I thought I'd keep them forever. I found that dried leis not stored properly just "crumbled" I'd go for the artificial ones now too.


Bonnie said...


Shari said...

Dani looks lovely in that pretty lei. I love the shirt! :-) Thank you for sharing her with us.

annette said...

The picture is just too cute. Dani looks so pretty and happy wearing her lei.