May 17, 2008

The "Grinch" Graduates

Today Ecclesiastes graduated from intermediate dog training class and most likely saw his friends, Teddy (German Shepherd) and Bella (Dachshund), for the last time. Though each dog is very different from one another, as a trio they get along great and were a hoot to watch and train. All three have been in class together for the last four months, so today was bitter sweet.

Teddy was the guard dog of the group. Forever watching what was going on beyond the class, he never hesitated to show his dislike for a particular person and as a result, I always felt a little safer with him around. Bella, on the other hand, was an irresistible flirt. You'd never guess this confident young pup was once shy and reserved. With a cocoa brown coat and milk chocolate nose, she showed impeccable taste by wearing a green leash and collar that coordinated perfectly with her olive green eyes. She's as cute as a bug's ear and I do believe she knows it!

Then there's Ecclesiastes, the lover of the three. While Teddy kept guard over the group, Ecclesi often entertained Bella by bowing down to her level so they could wrestle and play on equal standing. Somewhere between his 80 lbs. and her 13 lbs., they found a common ground that sustained a fun and friendly relationship both enjoyed. All three dogs were great buddies, which is why it's a little sad to say good bye.

There's one thing sure about this graduating class, each dog lives in a very loving home. The owners give the best of care to their animal and in return receives lots and lots of love. I believe this is one reason God created animals. They are wonderful companions, fabulous friends, and a joy to be around.

Here's a few pictures of our day!



Ecclesi ( green paws! Thanks Daddy)

The Graduation Class of 2008!


Mommyluann said...

I Love the graduation cute!

Thursday my oldest graduates from
K-5. You bet I'm breaking out the camera!

Maybe you've blogged about it before, but how did Ecclesiasities get his name? I mean I know it's a book of the Bible, but what inspired that one?

I'm not so creative on pet names. I had two cats when I married my husband and he had three. My two cats were from the same litter.....The first one I saw I said "Oh, he's so little" I name him "Little One" and then the other I said "Oh, here's your brother" we called him "Brother" whis has been shorted to "Bubba" real inspiration on those.

Mommyluann said...

The photgraphy site is great! My husband like waterfalls...I'm holding out for Niagra!

Michelle V said...

Nancy,Oh how precious! We have a miniature dachshund who is just spoiled rotten, (and frankly not well trained at all), but she's one of our family and we love her dearly!


Mommyluann said...

I read the blog on Ecclesiasites...what a neat story. I only know,my cyber friend Nancy, that I've never met you but you are a kindred spirit. You would make anyone a great friend. I read the rest of that blog too. You have stamina in this life that I can tell is God breathed. I have a friend in VA who has a son that is probably 12....can't walk on his own, functions about on the level of a 2 year old. She feels so confined...I'm sure she would love your story...she could relate.

Thanks for sharing your story about Ecclesiaties with us. My cat Bubba should be named "Exodus" because everytime we let him out in the back yard he "exits the yard" by jumping over the fence. Drives me nuts trying to find him!
I think he needs obedience school.

annette said...

What great pictures. My husband and I are crazy for dogs.


PJ said...

Such fun!!! Ecclesi looks friendly enough that he will make friends everywhere he goes!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Shari said...

Very cute! That little Dachsy looks like she posed or something. Congratulations Ecclesiastes.

jimmydouglas said...

hey, I saw a dog this weekend with funny green feet. Could it be the same dog.

StaceyStace said...

Ecclesiastes is so cute! He looks similar to my Mr. Tumnus, but mine is a bit shy of some training. Congratulations, Ecclesiastes!