May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

The weathermen predicted 90% chance of rain for Kansas City on Memorial Day. By the grace of God they were wrong. Jimmy and I had invited the family over for a delicious cookout and since the deck is larger than our kitchen, it was vital the weather cooperate. We were pleased to see it did!

It was dry as we feasted on hamburgers, hot dogs, cookies, pie, and ice cream. After we caught up on all the news in each other's families, we piled into our cars and headed to the cemetery, which was especially pretty on Memorial Day.

Dad was so happy to see mom's grave. Next month they would have been married 57 years. What a wonderful example our parents have been to us kids. It is no coincidence that my sister, brother, and me, are still married to our original partners. I am the youngest of three and Jimmy and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great Memorial Day!
I just wanted to let you know I now have a link up to your blog hoping I can get over here more.
Tristan keeps me busy and the summer is always hectic!
Take Care

Kaytlynn said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! hope you have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling of pleasing the family. It's a blessing!

Happy Anniversary tomorrow! Barbara

Mommyluann said...

Happy Anniversary!

I went to see my mother this weekend and we also rode by my dad's grave. The were married almost 46 years when he passed. That was 7 years ago. Nice to take time to stop and remember them.


valerie said...

I'm glad the weather cooperated for you.
I love the picture of your dad. How sweet!
I feel the same way you do. I have been blessed with awesome parents who have lived for the Lord and served Him all my life.
Happy 25th anniversary (tomorrow)!
Next month my husband and I will celebrate 29 yrs.

Longmeadow Mama said...

I love that last picture of your dad (I'm assuming). He is a legacy in the making! And CONGRATULATIONS on your 25th wedding anniversary. How exciting! I pray it was a day to remember.

annette said...

Happy anniversary.

Shirley said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating 25 years together. Awesome!

Maria Cristina said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!