December 6, 2011

Family Photos...Finally

You know how plumber's pipes often suffer the most neglect? After all, a day spent repairing other folk's leaks doesn't exactly entice one to go home and do the same off hours. The same is true with photographers, their family can be ones least captured in print.

This year we decided to make a change. No more battling Dani's Autism as Jimmy sprinted to beat the timer because 99.999% of the time Dani had fuss all over her face and Jimmy appeared stiff from trying to suppress the tachycardia from dashing back and forth.

No, none of that this year. We escaped it all by leaving it up to Jimmy's photographer friend, Christine with Click Photography. It worked out perfectly because Dani loved Christine and her husband Matt who assisted on the journey. Their professional eye allowed us to relax and go with the flow, as a result we are very pleased with the results.

Here's a few of our faves.

I think heaven will have a golden tint
like this beautiful background.

I don't recall this photo moment
but it must have happened.

This is in the middle of Kansas City believe it or not.

Also at Kansas City' brand new

We blew this up for Dani.
She'll get it for Christmas to put
on her bedroom wall.
She is signing "I Love You"

So there we go. The plumber's leak is fixed and the photographer's family finally has Christmas and family pics. Dani will be tickled come Christmas morn and Jimmy and I are thrilled to finally have a large and beautiful canvas print of us --- before we get too old and crinkly to agree to get in front of a camera again.

If you are of the notion, get your family pictures done too. They are so worth the while and make great Christmas gifts!



elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I just didn't have time to get it done this year; wish I had a professional around to do this for us. Maybe in the spring...

Loved the picture your sent on your card. Very warm, lovely, and inspiring as are you, my friend.


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What awesome pics!!! Definitely worth the effort.

Barbara Mitchell said...

Enjoyed look at the pictures...nice!

Cheryl Barker said...

Oh Nancy, what great pictures! The first one of you and your hubby is wonderful, and the last one of Dani is amazing. Absolutely beautiful in every way! A real treasure.

Hope you are enjoying the season!

Anonymous said...

ditto what everyone else said!

You and Dani are beautiful and Jimmy is just plain cute!