December 16, 2011

Your Two Cents is Priceless's finished...the first, biggest, and most difficult step is complete. Olive Leaf Ministries' latest Bible study, One Size Fits All, Discovering Your Perfect Fit for Spiritual Success, is born!

The idea for this baby, the common struggle to discover meaning and purpose in life, was conceived in 2008, at which time life happened, forcing it to go on the back burner. Who knew I'd remain "pregnant" for the next three years.

Once life relaxed, writing resumed with a vengeance and as God would have it, this baby is stronger now than if born in 2008. She just needed a little more time.

As with most newborns, this youngster requires a good cleaning. She needs to be edited, reviewed, and designed, a good spiffin' up you might say, before going out into the public. That's where you all come in. Your opinion counts and will help tremendously when the time comes to advertise. You can help by skimming the study's outline below and answering a few questions.

Table of Contents:

week one – what’s my style?

· here i am

· what’s the deal?

· limited resources

· my fortune

· my secret

week two – gotta have it!

· how do i look?

· i’ll have what she’s having

· put it on my tab

· balancing your account

· spiritually blonde

week three – a trip to the tailor

· you’re hired

· a little more please

· can you see me?

· let me help

· i’ll serve

week four – top design

· high quality

· busy hands

· cast your carbs

· change of season

· follow the model

week five – royal attire

· ignore the cough

· penny for a thoughts

· did i say that?

· size p-31

· trust me

week six – the perfect fit

· a thank you

· wrap it up

· the pattern maker

· care instructions

· go in style


Does this topic of discovering meaning and purpose in life attract you enough to purchase this study? Why or why not.

Does the cover design and theme appeal to you? If not, what would you change?

Would you likely choose, the six-week Bible study version or regular reading addition? Explain why.

Would you suggest this topic to your friends and/or church group?

What would you hope to gain from this study?

Thank you ladies for you help. Please pass this link on to your girl friends on Facebook, Twitter, and personal blog to enlist more viewpoints. Every opinion is valuable.



Cheryl Barker said...

Nancy, first of all, I would love to do one of your studies sometime. Just need to find a time when I'm not involved in another one.

Here's some input on this overview you've given:

*Love the cover, except I would make the "O" in "One" larger. It's not predominant enough and makes it a little confusing.

*I like the theme and the subtitle. Do you tie the "attire" in in the individual chapters? If so, I think I would mention each item of attire in the chapter titles or subtitles. Would make it stronger and reflect the title more. If you haven't tied the attire in, you might want to consider changing the subtitle of the book so the content accurately reflects the title.

*I tend to do more Bible studies than just regular reading additions of non-fiction books on spiritual growth.

*I think it's a great topic to recommend to friends and/or church group. I know your teaching would be based on and filled with the Word and the insights the Holy Spirit has given you. I'd want to see more, of course, and make sure the chapters do indeed support the title and topic. They probably do, but you might give it the once-over in that dept and see if chapter titles need to be changed or subtitles added -- or possibly some of the content changed.

These are just some thoughts from the little bit I can see. Hope some of it helps. You go, girl! :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You know I love your Bible studies, and I would read anything, regardless of the cover. But the cover is great!

I'm so excited for you and look forward to reading your heart. I hope to get back to my manuscript after Christmas. Almost done.