November 25, 2011

Holiday Hodge Podge

I hope you are enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday. Our son was off only one day, turkey day itself, so we loaded up the fixin's and headed his way. The trip was much easier than last year since we were not met with ice collecting on the windshield or glossy steps to trek up while unloading food, supplies, and excitable dogs. This year it was sunny and warm, we didn't so much as need a sweater. In fact, I balked at the pre-Christmas month and wore my sandals.

Like Meals on Wheels on steroids, we descended on Drew with all the Thanksgiving garb, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade rolls, punky pie, deviled eggs, olives, stuffing, cookies, and the best homemade toffee you could ever want. After walking the dogs, eating, watching football, visiting, cleaning up, and walking the dogs again, we headed back home leaving all the treats behind. Now that's a good deal for a son if I ever heard of one.

That was the hodge so here's the podge.

After a good night's sleep we brought up the Christmas decorations this afternoon. (I thought I'd bring stuff up today and do the trimming tomorrow. No point in rushing.) Everything looked status quo as far as condition goes until I took a gander at my 10-plus year old Ginger bread man.

At first glance I thought he was chipped, but a closer investigation revealed something else. Given the forensic knowledge I've gained from watching CSI, I surmised that our little Gman had in fact not been broken, but rather nibbled on by a rodent, most likely a mouse. Take a look for yourself. His right leg and side of head is not the result of blunt force trauma. They are delicate nibbles from busy little teeth.

Double click to enlarge.

A little more podge.

Since I don't enjoy overly boisterous holiday crowds, we stayed home for Black Friday, we always do. I worked on the writing of my current Bible study, Dani pulled out a few miscellaneous Christmas decorations because she couldn't wait for me to resume tomorrow, and we enjoyed another warm day before the rains come in tonight. I'm also eating way too much toffee and may soon require an intervention.

So there's our hodge podge of a holiday. Just being together is grand. Hope you are having a great time with family and friends too.

Blessings all!


Cheryl Barker said...

Love how you put your CSI knowledge to work here, Nancy :) Sounds like you guys had a wonderful holiday weekend. We have as well.

Fyi, I'm giving away a copy of The Spirit of Christmas, a book that has a story of mine in it. Come over and throw your name in the hat when you get a chance! :)

Life Everlasting said...

Great Post. God bless you. Enjoy Life Everlasting