March 11, 2009


Finally. It's over and everyone has a good home and praise be to the Lord! If you recall our son's dog, Lyla, delivered nine puppies here in our home Thanksgiving morning. They were all healthy, strong, and beautiful, but oh the task of finding nine good homes. What were the odds? We found fabulous homes for six right off the bat, but three still remained. Drew took them back home with him and he worked his tail off caring for them in his tiny little apartment. Out numbered and overwhelmed at times he once told me he just couldn't take it any more. But sure as shootin' each time he felt like giving up, he'd invariably muster up more strength and perseverance, refusing to give them to anything less than the best of homes. 

This week he released the last two sleek black Labrador girls, Rosie and Toostie. They will be together in their new home on acreage near our home here in Kansas City. God is so good and I praise Him for hearing and answering my prayers. I can't tell you how many times I prayed for them, in fact, I made it a habit to hold each pup several times a day and pray for God to guide that pup to its intended home. They were all so sweet and loving. What a waste it would have been for any to not be allowed to bless a home with their companionship. 

Drew, you did a fabulous job. I admire your tenacity and courage to not take the easy way out. You took in one stray dog and wound up with ten. Mercy sakes alive. Who could have ever known. Bless your sweet heart. Many homes are blessed because of you. Ours has been especially blessed. Your father and I are proud to call you our son. You'll be a great daddy one day.


Cheryl Barker said...

What a great answer to prayer! And what a sweet message to your son, Nancy. I'd say you're lucky to have a son like him -- and he's lucky to have a mom like you!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Perseverance. That is what we are called to for sure.

Blessings to you Mrs. Nancy:):)


Sheryl said...

Those are some sweet looking pups.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your words are a great encouragement.

I love your blog.



Abba's Girl said...

So happy for your son, answered prayer is such a witness to those around us.