March 21, 2009

12 Symptoms of Spring Fever

I have a sudden case of spring fever and I know I am infected because:
  1. I have an odd but "pleasant" desire to clean all the window blinds.
  2. My sandals have emerged from the storage bin.
  3. Because of #2 my first pedicure of the season is complete.
  4. The hinges on the porch swing are warming up.
  5. My garden gloves have made an appearance.
  6. The deck umbrellas are in full bloom.
  7. I am searching for my cropped pants, but...
  8. Need to first apply a few coats of self tanner.
  9. Coppertone's sunblock is perched on the bathroom counter.
  10. I simply can't wait to begin my next Francine River's book, which I will read on my swing under one of the for said umbrellas.
  11. I often smile as I listen to the birds prepare their nests for their soon coming brood.
  12. Great peace floods my soul as fresh spring air blows through the windows reminding me of God's sweet Spirit as it permeates our home.
Are you coming down with a case of spring fever? If so, what sign and symptoms do you have and what sudden urges overcome you this time of year?


Abba's Girl said...

You can tell I have spring fever because:

my big, straw garden hat sits next to my gardening gloves.

I will take a drive tomorrow afternoon to take more bluebonnet pictures.

I am riding my bike again.

Leah said...

I know spring is here when I have a desire to take my book out on my back porch and read all day long. I'm really looking forward to doing that soon. We had a couple of days like that a few weeks ago but hopefully more are just around the corner.


katiegfromtennessee said...

Mrs. Nancy:) I changed out all of my closet clothes, and I have had my daffodils bloom in my yard!:)