December 26, 2008

Pup Update...

Drew, Lyla, and her nine pups came home this week for Christmas. He walked in with a television box full of rambunctious bundles of fur and the first words out of his mouth were, "Mom, I don't think I can take them all in the car again. Pilgrim keeps trying to climb out while I'm driving!" Thank the good Lord they all made it home safe and sound. 

Jimmy set up a live webcam for those interested in choosing a pup or watching the one they've chosen and while we were at my sister's home last night, we watched them sleep and play. Though seeing poo on a towel drove me nuts, because I wasn't there to clean it up, it was utterly amazing to watch these little guys from 45 miles away. What's even more astonishing is we can also watch them on Jimmy's phone via the Internet. I don't know what man will think of next, but I do know that all these modern marvels just make me love God all the more. After all, we were made in His image and no matter what new amazing gadget we may come up with, He is the great creator of all things and nothing man can ever come up with will ever match His wonderful glory and vast wisdom. He's named all the stars in the sky, knows the number of hairs on our head, lives beyond the bounds of time, and is far more creative than man will ever be. What a wonderful God we serve and what a privilege to celebrate the birth of His Son Jesus Christ during this holiday season!

The pups are four weeks old and totally weaned. Drew had to get back to work in Springfield, so he and Lyla headed back yesterday. The workload for him would be almost too much for him to handle on his own so we decided the pups should stay with us. Jimmy and I take shifts with their care. Last night he fed and played with them at midnight, then I woke to repeat the process this morning at 8 am. The procedure is always the same, they wake a bustling ball of energy, head for the cafeteria, make their way to the latrine, climb all over us for some lovin' and play, and then fall fast asleep atop one another. We have homes for five pups, two more potential takers, and two weeks to find homes for them all. One good thing about taking care of all nine is that it will make adjusting to Cocoa Bean joining our family a cinch. After all, what's one pup?


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