December 20, 2008

The "Passion" of the Season

I can feel Christmas approaching. The beautiful lights, bustling crowds, and passion for the season abounds. Jimmy and I witnessed some "strong emotion" just the other day as a young lady in the Target parking lot began yelling out her car window for another woman to put a coat on her child. We got in on the last half of the interchange, but apparently the mother couldn't get her child (about three years old) to wear a coat. It was indeed quite cold but mercy what mother hasn't gone through that? The young woman in the car looked like a college age student, so I chose to assume she had no children and is still idealistic when it comes to raising children. Perhaps one day she will understand how intricate, delicate, and exhausting it is to raise another little human being. Sometimes you just can't win for losing. 

Then, my sister and I bathed ourselves in the bustling crowds of Wal Mart as we camped in an immovable line for 30 minutes. It was noon on Wednesday and who would have thought they wouldn't have had more checkers on duty the week before Christmas. The human check out lines were so long they ran into the clothing department, so I told my sister I'd show her how to do the self check. I thought for sure it would be faster, but no. With a cart too full to abandon we stuck it out, but it wasn't fun. We had a wonderful visit though!

Then Jimmy and I went to the mall yesterday. We found cologne for our son, but not one single solitary thing for Dani. Do you have any idea how hard it is to buy for an Autistic child? It's beyond awful. I wanted knee-hi socks for her to wear with her boots, but all I could find were ankle socks. I've been to Wal Mart, Pennys, Macys, and Dillards looking for these silly socks, all to no avail. If Target doesn't pull through we are out of options. She has one thing under the tree and time is wasting! She loves candies and cookies, so I think I'm gonna buy a cookie mix and put it under the tree so she can bake cookies. She'll be thrilled but what an odd gift.

Drew has taken Lyla and her puppies home for the weekend. He just texted me and told me the pups woke him at 2:30am. He worked till 11pm last night and had to be back to work at 6am this morning. He has no idea how this is preparing him for fatherhood! He'll be back here with the pups Monday through Christmas Eve and we can't wait. After the clan left yesterday Jimmy went in to check on the pups twice, only to find an empty pen. There is nothing like having a hankerin' to hold a pup and having a choice of nine to chose from. Sometimes we just sit in the pen and let them crawl all over us until they fall asleep. It makes you feel so special. Since many of you have asked, Jimmy and I have chosen the dark brown pup (formerly Hoss) and his new name is "Cocoa Bean." We'll get him in mid January. 

How is your holiday season coming along? Do you have your shopping done? Who is hardest to buy for on your list and what are you looking forward to most? Dear sister, I pray you stay safe, warm, and happy. Above all let's love and pray for one another even when we think someone isn't parenting well, we're forces to stand in long lines, or can't find a gift for that special someone. May we never feel compelled to judge or condemn, but rather love one another with the love of Christ!

1Peter 3:8 "Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble."

Update: Found the socks. Target rocks!


SB said...

Dani sounds as hard to buy for as my Jonathan. All Jonathan, who is 20 now, wanted for Christmas......was a girl. Or a trumpet.

Abbasgirl said...

Glad you found the socks, what a relief for you.

I have 1 gift left to buy and a grocery trip later this week and a tiny bit of baking to do.

I pray your week is filled with blessings from on high.

Amy E. said...

One of my dearest friends has a stepson who is autistic and they also struggle with Christmas and birthday gifts for him.

I am working my fingers to the bone trying to finish up some scarves I am crocheting for family and friends. will finish up shopping for the hubby tomorrow..have a bit of a breather since school wrapped up this last Friday. No teaching for 2 weeks!!

Went to a darling Christmas program at a little church in Denton. They sang, danced, acted and spoke the real reason for this season..and I was blessed. A much needed time of focus on our Christ.
I hope to do a little baking Tuesday..but we'll see what the week holds.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your family.

Thanks for being such a blessing with your blog.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Wow, Mrs. Nancy, you have had some adventures in shopping:) I have gotten most of mine done, I have one more person! Praise the Lord!! Your verse is good, I love it:)

Blessed day to you,


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post, Nancy. Thank you. I so enjoy reading your writing. Anytime.

My sincerest wishes of Merry Christmas to you, Jimmy, Drew and Dani!
In Him,

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