December 13, 2008

New Kitchy Floor

My Jimmy (who is handier than a pocket on a shirt)
finished installing our new wood kitchen floor
 just in time for my birthday today.
You did a fabulous job dear.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nancy! And what a lovely floor! I love the rugs too. :)

Amy E. said...

Hope you have a most wonderful birthday. Your kitchn floor looks fabulous!
Have a blessed day.

rusty'swife said...

Happy belated Birthday to you. I did not know that we share the same date of birth. The kitchen floor is beautiful, and baby boy on the floor just adds to the whole picture.


Shirley said...

Happy Birthday! The floor looks great! I also like the rugs a lot :)

Sherry said...

Beautiful floor!

Happy Birthday!

Washer Mom Val said...

Happy Belated Birthday. May the Lord bless you in the year to come!
Oh - and nice floor!

Anonymous said...

The floor is gorgeous! Perfect for your supporting the feet of a gorgeous woman and soul!

Many happy returns, my Friend! Barbara