June 23, 2008

Yielding to God's Will


luvmy4sons said...

Great first devotion! Love it! I remember learning from the story of Lazarus where Jesus had mary and Martha wait on Him and bury their brother...and He was glad He didn't come...that God's purposes are greater than my experiences...You words echo what I too have learned and AM learning in my life. To yield our hearts to Him that He might transform them in accordance with His good will and purpose...then our heart's desires will be met. He must come first in our hearts and in our wills and in our minds. We are concerned with our comforrt and our ease and joy...He has such greater and bigger plans that often come only through trials and sufferings. Rambling. Sorry. It was good to remember these things again this morning. Have a great week!

Jen said...

Thank you for your words and thoughts.
For several years, I prayed to God that he would heal my boys. Sometimes, I have to admit, I wasn't praying--I was arguing and begging. He gradually helped me to realize that they were a gift; I now feel very blessed that He chose me to care for these children. I feel like I was given something extra special in life.

Now after Evan's arrival two years ago, and another diagnosis of Fragile X, some of those feelings of "why me" have occasionally shown their ugly faces again. But this time, I'm handing my pain over to Him while I ask for His guidance and comfort as I travel down the path to complete acceptance of the diagnosis.

annette said...

Nancy, This is beautiful and so anointed by God.

Thank you,


littlerad said...

Thank you, you spoke to me through Gods words today, I so need to be soft and plyable in his hands...
You are in my prayers...

Julie said...

Thank you Nancy! I needed to hear this today. I struggle on a daily basis not being able to conceive a child. I needed to hear the definition of delight. I need to be pliable to God's will and I need not to covet!! Oh how I just needed to hear this verse.

Thank you!! Glory to God for His timing in hearing these words!

Anonymous said...

My thanks for your Godly work to support the rest of us in our faith-walk. The video devotions are an exceptional ministry. Barbara

Longmeadow Mama said...

As I watched your video devotion God reminded me of Isaiah 55:9 that says His ways are higher than our ways. He sees and knows the whole picture, when we just get a few pieces here and there. That truth helps me in my daily yielding to Him.
With a soft and pliable heart,

StaceyStace said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful verse and how God has used it in your life...it is sometimes such a difficult principle.

valerie said...

Thank you for this video devotion time.
It's such a great way to start the week.
This verse just happens to be one of my favorites. I have a coffee mug with this verse on it too. (it's not as cute as yours though...a more manly mug)
I heard Beth Moore teach a lesson with this verse and it really came alive to me. When we are in constant communion with God...abiding with Him, the desires of our heart line up with His desires for us. It's all about a relationship with Him.
Thank you for your honesty about your daughter. You help so many by your testimony.
Have a blessed week!
Love you,

Cheryl Barker said...

Nancy, this is an absoultely great new territory you've ventured out into! So coincidental -- my blog current blog post is titled "New Territory"!

Thanks for the sharing the insight the Lord has shared with you regarding delighting in Him. I pray that I will be soft and pliable, always wanting His will and not my own. I'm looking forward to your weekly video devotions!

Cheryl Barker said...

Hey Nancy, wanted you to know that I just now added a link to your blog on my blog. I hope it helps others find and benefit from your wonderful devotional thoughts. If for some reason, you'd rather not have me list it or would like me to list it differently somehow, just let me know. I'd be happy to change it. God bless you in your ministry!

Anonymous said...

Great devotion. Thank you for sharing it. I could really relate when you said that you prayed for healing for your child, and you felt God was telling you that you just "wanted out." It is so much easier to flee when things get tough. You show courage! Thank you for passing that on.

Thank you for dropping by my blog! I hope you don't mind that I linked your devotion on my site.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Thank God for your devotional Nancy! I needed to hear that! I know that God has a will for me that may not be my own, but He can make my heart want what He wants! I just want to glorify Him, even if that means pain; that's what we are here for, right? To glorify Him and enjoy Him forever...

Thankyou for praying for me:) I will pray for you too:)

Your sister-in-CHRIST,

Psalm 135:3 (AMP)
"Praise the Lord! For the Lord is good; sing praises to His name, for He is gracious and lovely!"

Mommyluann said...

Great job...what a great ministry.

thislittlepiggy said...

Oh my! I really needed to hear this. I have been struggling with the thought of being stuck on the Funny Farm. I want so badly to move. I simply can't believe that God wants us here. I can't see the purpose, but He can. I am praying for a softer, more pliable heart. :o)

linda said...

If this is any indication of what your weekly devotionals are going to be like...we certainly are in for a treat!

Thank you for your thoughts!

Tara said...

What a wonderful ministry. I just found your site and plan on purchasing your book 'Freedom'. I hope you don't mind, I plan on putting a link to your site on my blog.

Marina said...

I really enjoyed your message today.marina

Midlife Mom said...

What a wonderful way to use this medium called Bloggsville! This will be a regular stop on my rounds of the blogs that I love to read. Now I have one to 'hear'! Thank you for doing this ministry!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

This really touched my heart. I had not looked at this scripture quite like you had explained it. However, I did make a post about this on my blog in April (17th) called "Delight in the Lord".

I like how you explained it but I still find myself at a loss. The greatest desire I have is for God to restore my marriage that ended in divorce in Nov. 07. My husband left me for unbiblical reasons last June 22. (Basically for arguing...it is a complex situation with both of has having major baggage.) Regardless, it most definitely could've and should've been handled different and with my beloved allowing God's power to heal us. My beloved is a 43 yr old Christian who's been gravely deceived by satan that God desired this divorce and that God said our covenant was broken.

I say all this because this leads me to a hard issue for me. I understand that God has been able to totally change my heart and draw me back to Him and ever so devoted to Him (which I had fallen from Him in my 2 1/2 years of marriage.) However, as you said, God said he could do greater things by not healing your daughter. I struggle with that possibly also being God's reason for not healing my marriage. We know that through His Word He makes no promises or claims about health, wealth, longevity, child bearing, and such. However, God makes it ever so clear how He feels about marriage and divorce. He only allows two possible and permissable reasons for divorce but even then He would always prefer forgiveness and restoration of marriage in those cases. He clearly says He hates divorce (Malachi 2:16) and that marriage is to be honored by all (Hebrews maybe).

I feel I am pliable to God's will. I do not want my marriage restored because of my feelings for my beloved (husband). Rather, I primarily want it restored to shout God's praises and power to restore. I would envision upon reconciliation, that a great marriage ministry would be formed with our testimony as a couple.

So, those I know that God will use me no matter what. I cannot see how greater good would result in us remaining divorced than us being restored. Our testimony would not only be for other couples but also for unsaved folks (such as some family members) who would see God's power in our lives and therefore believe in His power for their unsaved lives.

So, I appreciate your devotion on this subject. For now, I stand in belief that God will restore my marriage and return my prodigal spouse first to true wholeness with Christ and then to our marriage. God's got a big job in front of Him because my beloved thinks He and God are tight. He's loved the Lord from a very young age. He serves through music ministry and I'm positive he is attending church, reading Word, praying, etc. He has been gravely deceived to believe he has not sinned against me nor more importantly against God. That is why I say God has a big job...it's not like he's a lost soul but rather he a soul already won for Christ. With the enemy's deception and his long years of pain through sibling deaths, family deaths, bankruptcy, lost child in custody, previous divorce from his ex's adultery...he's a burned man who admitted only after leaving me that he doesn't think he's gotten over his past.

NOTHING is too big for our God. NOTHING is impossible for our God. Luke 1:37. Though I feel convicted to stand and believe He will do this, I cannot say that I've felt an promise from Him that He will. Rather it's a conviction I feel that I should not give up on God even though I've given up on my beloved's ability to come to his senses alone.
Thanks for listening. "See" you Monday evening for devotion.
In His Grip,