June 19, 2008


Our pool is 15 years old and in dire need of a face lift. After major repairs we're finally ready for summer. Here's the before and after.

Lest you be tempted to think we have it made in the shade, with a pool in our backyard. Come sit by mama and let me tell you a little story. 

Fifteen years ago I was amidst tremendous grief as the reality of our daughter's disabilities began to weigh heavy on my heart.  To compensate for said loss, I felt I deserved a treat. A pool to be exact. Though able to afford the loan, we failed to take into account the cost of yearly chemicals, swimming supplies, and general upkeep.  As a result, in the early years, this long awaited treat quickly became an unwanted burden.  

We eventually paid off the pool and now enjoy it as originally planned, but the experience has taught me a very valuable lesson. Never again will I badger my husband, or God, for something we are all three not in unison on.  Never again do I want to be a modern day Delilah as described in Judges.
Judges 16:16 "With such nagging she prodded him day after day until he was tired to death."

(I pray I have not take any years of my husband through this behavior!)


Mommyluann said...

That spoke to my heart on many levels. Thanks for sharing...

and oh yeah...

I'll be over tomorrow to swim! I'm off!

(Time I paid gas to get to you from Tennessee I could just pay to go locally, huh???)

Melanie said...

Oh, I hear you. Having a pool is definitely a mixed blessing. But it really is pretty. May you have a wonderful summer.

Be blessed,

littlerad said...

I pray that I don't nag my hubby to much as well, I have been in this situation before and makes things hard... Your in my prayers...
Enjoy the pool...

valerie said...

My mom and dad live down the street and several years agothey (my mom, actually) got a pool. It was above ground but partially buried and was really large. There were many good times spent there and the kids and grandkids loved it. It was a lot of work and was usually my husband, God bless him, who did most of the upkeep. My mom always took care of the financial part and we appreciated having it, but the upkeep is expensive. Seemed like something was always going wrong. It's sad now because a few summers ago they decided to tear it down and fill in the ground. There is no more pool.
We really miss it.
You have a beautiful pool and grounds. I pray you all are able to enjoy it for a long, long time.
Bless you sweet sister!

Tommy's mommy said...

Oh I needed to hear that! Thanks so much for sharing.

And by the way, your pool looks peaceful!

luvmy4sons said...

Oooh! That pool looks inviting. But I hear ya on nagging hubby for what you want. I try to stop and remember the repercussions of Sarah...pushing and pushing till Abraham had a child with Haggar...we are ALL still suffering the effects of that!

annette said...


Our pool is 30 yrs old and need a major face lift...and all the pipes under ground etc need to be replaced. As a result my husband has decided to fill it in. I was so upset, I cried over it. It caused real contention for several weeks. Then I decided I had not prayed and I better shut up because I really needed to seek the Lord.

Don't know how long summer lasts up there, but I say go enjoy your pool!


Julie said...

I loved the refurbished pool and the landscape looks beautiful. I did appreciate even more the verse from Judges. It was a good reminder for me to hear!

Have a great weekend!!

Longmeadow Mama said...

Oh, the timing of this post! Our neighbors a couple houses down are in the process of putting in a beautiful new pool. I hate to admit this but I've had to pray through some jealousy. God has been wonderful to deliver me (and forgive me!) from that green eyed bondage. He is even using this post of yours to finish this bit of work in me! How cool is that??!!

Prayers that you will enjoy your pool this summer unlike ever before.


valerie said...

Nancy, I agree with the comment you left on my blog. I just can't wait to meet everyone of my blogging friends in heaven one day.
I love each and every one so much.
What a day of rejoicing that will be....when we all get to heaven we'll sing and shout the victory!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, you are sooo good at sharing your faith learning through typical experiences. You are helping a bunch of us continue to grow in faith. Thanks so much!

We decided to buy our house even though it had a pool - which is over 40 years old now. We put in a new pump 2 years ago and that reduced the work on hubby a lot. We are planning to resurface it as a next or next-after big project.

We really enjoy floating in it on summer evenings. It has been a gift to the children, too, more in the past.

I needed the reminder not to nag my hubby, too. And the reminder about Sarah and Haggar will stick with me. Thanks, again, Barbara

Marina said...

Your pool is beauitful!! we had a pool in our first house it was just like yours an older pool with a whole lot of up keep we end up selling our home and now we don't have a pool anymore but I sure do miss it although it was a pain.
Maybe I am a pain more than once to my husband always nagging for something that I need to have ; thanks for reminding me of that vs I will take it to heat.marina

thislittlepiggy said...


Lord, help me to not be a Delilah!

Faith said...

Thank you for your wise words.

Natalie said...

What a great story. So many "morals of the story" can be derived from that. The pool does look great!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Just in case my other comment did not make it through--I am having fits this morning with my internet connection--I thought I would leave another comment just to let you know that I was here.I have enjoyed reading down through some of your posts. I am glad I dropped by for a visit.

Melinda said...

Great post ( and I enjoyed the video devotion too!) - As I read the story I was quickly and convictingly reminded of my own "pool" story. Then I laughed out loud at that Judges passage - I'd forgotten all about that one!

Praying that NEITHER of us have shaved off years! :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog...I've enjoyed visiting yours and will be back!


Michele said...

Nancy, thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I love running both short and long races and there are definitely metaphors I draw there relating to my relationship with the LORD. Your blog will definitely be on my "regular reading" list, as you are so inspiring and encouraging. I love what you said about being a "modern day Delilah" I will definitely be sharing this one with my friends:) I hope you are enjoying your pool this summer!

Paul-n-Christi said...

This posting resounds in me. As a fairly recent newlywed, I have experienced the joys and frustrations of coming into agreement with both God and my husband, a completely new dynamic. Whereas before I made decisions with just God, I now have to wait for my husband to get an answer, and then I need to align myself with the Lord and my husband, rather than just doing what I want with the Lord.
Thanks for sharing....