November 20, 2010

If It Isn't One Thing...

If it isn't one thing it's another. Such is life, but I haven't given up. The cyst in my right knee has given me fits off and on since the Autism 5K on September 4th. When it will go away I do not know. I simply respect its wishes by running shorter distances so as not to aggravate. In the mean time I try to not get discouraged, feeling old enough as it is.

As if dealing with this temperamental vesicle wasn't enough, my left knee had the audacity to give me so much trouble I could hardly walk a few weeks ago. Oddly enough it had nothing to do with running either. One day I was simply sitting in a conference and felt a sore spot on the inside of my knee. Naturally I massaged it thinking I was doing a good thing, totally unaware I most likely popped what my chiropractor thinks was another cyst. The next day it seemed to take forever to straighten my knee and once I did, I could hardly bend it again. Each day proved progressively worse in spite palliative efforts of ice, heat, ibuprofen, Tylenol, and Aleve. Forget running. I could barely lower myself into the tub. Over night I had become a full fledged geriatric case. Fear I'd have to hang up my Bikilas loomed on the horizon.

The thought of quitting running has crossed my mind, but only on rare occasion. As young as I may feel at times, life reminds me daily that I'm no spring chicken and more fragile than my younger counter parts. It isn't likely I'll be able to run as much or as long as I'd like to and I'm sure to meet road blocks along the way, but that's no reason to quit. Life in general involves the process of solving one problem only to have another come along to take it's place. In fact, one advantage age offers us more seasoned folks is the ability to look back on life events that once seems insurmountable, but are now nothing more than a distant memory. I remember when Dani was outgrowing her crib we needed to buy her a new bed but couldn't afford it. It seemed like such a big deal at the time, but looking I see how futile my concerns were. In time God provided the funds, we purchased a real bed, and she was no worse for the wear. If only I had saved my energy for something more positive.

The last run I went on was a killer on my right knee. Ecclesiastes kept trying to prompt me to run but the cyst slowed me to a crawl just shy of two miles. I not only felt old but knew I was letting my little buddy down. By the time we got home I was discouraged with my limitations and had to work hard to remind myself that this too will pass. Eventually the cyst will either go away on its own or have to be dealt with directly. Either way, when all is said and done, it's no reason to worry or get bent out of shape. A good dose of humility never hurt anyone and for sure when this problem is solved another will arise.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday may our hearts be focused on all that is good. Let's thank our Lord for what given us, pray for those less fortunate, and look for opportunities to bless others. If someone seems at the end of their rope, remind them that this too shall pass, lend a helping hand, and point them to God. What greater gift can we give amidst the holiday season.

Have a great Thanksgiving week dear one!


Cheryl Barker said...

Saw that you had posted over on Facebook this morning. Sorry to hear about the knee problems. No fun.

Just a heads up in case you missed it when I mentioned it on FB -- I've finally got Kelli & Jake's wedding photos posted there. Also used a few (along with captions :) ) as my Wed blog post.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, Nancy!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

We usually run in the Thanksgiving Race in our area. My guy has knee problems. Totally understand your frustrations.