September 4, 2010

Autism Run

FINALLY... nice weather for a 5K run. Leaving the house at 0645, our drive to the Royals Stadium sparked instant marvel at the spectacular sunrise. With the crisp fall air creating a misty fog over warmer ponds and streams, it was as if God painted the beginning of this new day just for us. Wondering how anyone could ponder the notion that creation was somehow automatic and devoid of a creator, Jimmy and I both agreed without question a beautiful horizon such as the one before us confirmed the great I AM truly does exist.

The beauty of the day was a gift to all running for Autism research. My friend and co-worker Shauna, along with her husband Steven, came along in support of our daughter Dani. We mixed and mingled before the run visiting various booths offering information on Autism and then headed out to run around the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs Arrowhead Stadiums. It was peaceful, fun, and worth every ounce of energy. I don't know how many times I asked God to bless those running in honor of Autism research and pondered how the lives of those around me have been affected by this disability.

Dani's clan

Dani by the "floating" marble baseball

Stretchin' the old bones

We're off

Slugger visits a little girl


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Cheryl Barker said...

What great pics, Nancy! So nice you had a beautiful day for the run. We enjoyed a beautiful day in Arkansas that day with Kristin & Shawn. Have a great week!