September 30, 2010

Notes to Glen

Funerals serve the valuable purpose of bringing closure for surviving family and friends. Gathering loved ones together amidst a time of grief and sadness, it helps us move toward greater healing and acceptance. Unfortunately funeral ceremonies primarily revolve around adults, providing little for the children who have suffered loss as well.

With this in mind our family decided to add a children's event to the end of dad's funeral. Sparked by an idea from Calvin, my sister's six-year-old grandson, we wrote notes to dad and sent them off in balloons. Calvin's mom, Jeanna, brought a portable tank of helium and all the supplies for the little ones to write their own note.

Using a classroom off the gym, she set out the supplies so that after the dinner we could help the children write notes to their great grandpa. A funny thing happened in the process though. As we helped the kids with their notes, the adults began writing messages to dad too.

Just before launching.
Calvin (the idea man) is far left.

The launch.

God's beautiful day.

The balloons clung together until
we could no longer see them.

What a wonderful way to close a funeral. The balloon messages provided closure for both young and not-so-young. We couldn't help but smile as our notes ascended into the sky. One day we'll see dad in heaven, until then he is resting in God's arms fully healed and restored.

This little event turned out to be one of my fondest memories. Thanks Calvin for your wonderful idea!


Amy E. said...

What a sweet way to end the day. Your family is in my prayers. Your dad leaves behind quite the legacy. God bless you all.

Cheryl Barker said...

I love, love, love this idea. How memorable and comforting. Thanks for sharing, Nancy -- and may God continue to comfort you and yours!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Wow, Nancy, that is a great idea. Those pictures of the ballons bless my heart. The Lord bless you today,