September 1, 2010

A Trip with Daddy

Dani's been super interested in nail polish ever since we gave Abby her get-well nail polish and lipgloss gift set. Now, every time she and Jimmy drive past a drug store she signs "Mom" and "nail polish." She so consistent with this routine Jimmy decided to take her to Walgreens so she could get some fun colors. Colors boring ole mom doesn't wear. I thought his idea was a fabulous one, so I wished them only stipulations was black. Jimmy agreed and off they went to the drug store.

Dani ganders the plethora of colors.

She zeroes in on a bottle...

Cocoa Bean gets a peek at her purchase.
Selecting cool blue and refreshing green, I have to admit Dani's picks are darling. She pranced around this week with blue on for days and it's about time to dawn the green. The smallest things make her happy and these tiny purchases will give her joy for days to come.

Thank Jimmy for acting on your great idea!


linda said...

It can be the smallest things in life that brings such joy! So happy Dani is enjoying her new nail colors! She is just adorable!

Amy E. said...

I just love her smile in these pictures!! She is such a sweetheart!! and she is much braver than me!! love the blue and green!!