November 27, 2010

A Fresh New Look

For several weeks the inside of our home has looked as if giant hands descended from the sky, picked it up like a trinket-filled shoe box, shook the living day lights out of it, and then placed it back on its foundation. The kitchen table is so jammed packed with odds and ends we can barely make a clearing for Dani to eat a meal. My cell phone, which normally charges by my purse on a desk in the living room, has relocated next to my toothbrush in the bathroom, while my purse meanders hither and yon with no set place to roost. Our main computer (a big juicy "Apple" which I'm gleefully tapping on this very moment) had been out of commission for way too long and if that isn't enough to make me want to pull my hair out, there is a fine white dust in, on, and around every item we own. It's been a very frustrating time and I'm happy to say it's almost over. A big portion of our renovation is nearly complete.

Our home, once modern and new, wreaks today of the 70's with its dark wood trim, bland flat-faced doors, half wall dividers with accommodating spindles, and paneling that'll swallow you in one gulp. The fixtures are older than the hills and dark as their wood counterparts. Our hall light had a bad habit of subtly flickering in a way that made it feel as if my eyes were failing. It wasn't an obvious strobe-light effect, just an unsteady light that was hard to put your finger on. I don't believe in euthanasia, but we were eager to put this particular light out of its misery. It felt so good to have a strong light in our midst we took Genesis 1:3 ("Let there be light") literal and replaced all other fixtures in the house. It's made all the difference in the world.

We've needed a facelift for quite some time and for some reason this winter seemed to be the right time to begin the process. With a design and plan fully hatched in his mind, Jimmy eagerly began work on this project that'll surely last till spring. We don't have a huge abode so every square inch is highly valued and put to good use, which is why renovation began with the front living room. Even though most of Jimmy's photography sessions are done on location, he needed a place to sit and consult with clients, so we figured what better place to create a studio than in our home. With clean white wood work, new carpet, fresh paint, and modern furniture, clients now have a place to meet with him and see his work on display, right in our very own home.

Here's a few pictures of the process.

Old wood and walls coming down
and dated green carpet about to come up.

Fresh paint and white wood work all done.
Now it's time for the new carpet.

Almost done.

Fresh furniture with canvases
ready to be hung.
Ecclesiastes loves the carpet so much he refused
to move for this picture.

Studio's nearly done.
Just waiting on a black leather sofa for the bay window
due to come in January.
Ecclesi still refusing to move.
Jimmy you did a wonderful job and have once again proved to be handier than a pocket on a shirt. Your studio is beautiful!

Next project...the bathrooms.


Happy Little Trees Studio said...

How Exciting! I love redecorating...I like treating my home like a blank canvas!!

Erika Lee Sears said...

Wow it looks great and now you can enjoy the space!

All the bathrooms at once? good luck! :)

About Nancy said...

No, Just one bathroom at a time.

Shirley said...

Looks great! Love the black piece - I need that :) I don't blame Ecclesi - I don't think I would want to leave either.

Aubrey Studebaker said...

The carpet looks excellent -& those chairs are fantastic!

Amy E. said...

Looks wonderful!!

Cheryl Barker said...

Congrats! Looks great! Our house could use some renovation, too. It's so much work, though -- I think I'd rather move! :)

katiegfromtennessee said...

Wow Nancy! It looks great! Ecclesiastes cracks me up:)