July 11, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this morning beauty was more of a beast as Dani approached the breakfast table. Bless her heart our little sweet pea has not one ounce of style, but loves to dress herself and show off her favorite items of clothing. The problems is she tends to wear all her favorites at once, ushering in shocking combinations when you least expect it.

This morning she pranced into the kitchen, pretty as you please, donned in her favorite Pterodactyl socks framed by a pair of my sandals. With mannequin white legs extending out her orange knit shorts, she was quite the sight to behold. No doubt God and His angels smiled and giggled along with Jimmy and me.

The piece de resistance was the hole in the sock over her right big toe.

1 comment:

Amy E. said...

Well I have been away too long! For I have missed so much!
I love Dani's socks!! And I love how you love your daughter so deeply. I can't quite imagine that kind of love..but in a few months will have that chance.

Glad to see you all are well! Oh and I LOVE Dani's Prom outfit!!