April 17, 2010

What's Your Default?

I came to a conclusion this week. Our little dog Cocoa Bean's default is set on bad. Granted he's been a pistol since the day he was born, but this week sealed the deal.

I woke Thursday morning, let the dogs out, took a quick bath, and sat down to put on my make-up. But before propping myself in front of the mirror, I felt compelled to take a quick peek out the bedroom window to see what the dogs were doing. To my utter shock and dismay I saw Cocoa IN the garden Jimmy had just planted. The one with a wire fence around it.

Hollering Bean! into the inky dawn, I hustled to the kitchen to get him inside before more damage could be done. My shout woke Jimmy who got up just in time to witness the whole thing. I finished putting on my make-up on and headed out the door, sure the subject was closed.

Not long after arriving at work an email titled "Bean Almost Met His Maker" popped onto my computer screen. Seems Jimmy let him out again for a quick pit-stop and Cocoa took a bee-line straight for the garden and dug up a couple of pepper plants in less than 60 seconds flat. I couldn't believe what I was reading and that's when it hit me...Beanie Weinie's default is set on bad.

You and I have a default setting too and how we respond to trials and temptations determines what our setting is on. When Martha and Mary lost their brother Lazarus in John 11 for example, the first person they called was Jesus. They loved Him with all their hearts and knew He loved them in return. Even in their darkest hour they waited patiently for their Savior, the only one who could relieve their distress.

Have you ever stopped to think what your default setting is on? If not, think about about how you respond when times get tough? Do you become angry? Do you withdrawal? Go shopping? Place blame? Whatever your default is, if it isn't Christ seek to reset your system. I reset my heart each day through prayer and time in God's word, which keeps me balanced and focused on what is good and right. It's the only way to endure through trials and turn from temptations that can be so difficult to resist...like Mr. Beanie and the garden.

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Cheryl Barker said...

Great post, Nancy. I think we are all an awful like Beanie -- our natural default is sin, doing the wrong thing. But, like you, I strive to reset my system on Christ -- and sometimes it takes several resets a day! Without a doubt, He is the best default system we could have. Am so thankful I can turn to Him at any time...