November 26, 2009

My Part in Thanksgiving Dinner

I am not much of a cook. When Jimmy traveled full time I concocted meals just to keep the kids alive. Now that he's home he's taken over as chef and not only is he a fantastic cook, but he loves it. Guy Fieri has become his new best friend and like a fly on the wall I watch his shows too. It's never too late to develop a passion for cooking and even though I'm still only a spectator, who knows what the future may hold. Miracles do still happen.

Jimmy's always especially enjoyed making Thanksgiving dinner. He dolls up the bird, compiles the stuffing, and coordinates all the rest. Peculiar as it may be, however, when it comes to making pie crust I'm not half bad. If I have a food processor I can whip up a flat pastry in no time at all and it's actually quite good. A few days ago I relished Jimmy's words as they drifted across the room and onto my ears, "Dear, can you make your pie crust?" Like a nurse holding the only First-Aid kit in a hospital I felt so important and needed. After all, you can't make pumpkin pie without a crust...I don't think. Besides, even if you could it was my chance to feel vital to the project. Dropping my coat and purse I promptly washed my hands and got to work. In a jiffy my "Easy Pie Crust" was done. Now we're ready for our traditional holiday meal and I can say I contributed my part.

Easy Pie Crust
2 cups flour
3/4 cup butter
1 tsp salt
5-6 Tbsp ice water

Mix flour, salt, and butter in food processor
until butter is distributed nicely.
With the food processor on, gradually add ice water
until the dough develops into a ball.
Remove ball of dough and roll it out flat
on a flour sprinkled counter.
Place in 9" pie pan.
(I don't butter the pan or dish but I suppose you could.)

What's your easy but good and favorite recipe for Thanksgiving?

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Cheryl Barker said...

My easy but good recipe for Thanksgiving is going to my sister-in-law's and letting her do most of the work. LOL.

Seriously, I take the homemade rolls. They're not easy but oh so yummy!