November 5, 2009

Back on Time

You know how at daylight savings time there's always one clock that's last to be adjusted? Well...this clock hangs above our T.V. and gets the most attention in all the house. I glance at it several times a day and trust it with all my heart to keep me on schedule. It sits high and majestic on the wall of our family room and though most frequently used, is often the last to get its bi-annual attention.

In years past we gone months before altering these delicate hands to reflect real time because it's no easy task. It's actually quite difficult because Jimmy has to pull our 60 some inch television away from the wall and maneuver the 8 ft ladder into place. Once all items are in position he then commences with a beautiful but cumbersome performance of adjusting and balancing the 25 lb timepiece while teetering atop the ladder; kind of like a home grown Cirque du Soleil act.

I know it's a pain but I highly encourage Jimmy to change this clock because it drives me nuts to continually recalculate the time in my head. It breeds a degree of insecurity to the point where if the time is wrong for long I have to commit to not looking at it all together because the constant springing forward or falling back tires me to tears.

Last night, when I sat down to watch my favorite show, I looked up to see Big Ben had fallen back an hour. I couldn't believe my eyes so I ran into the kitchen to confirm my hunch. Sure enough Jimmy had adjusted it while I was gone, a mere five days after daylight saving began. Now my mind can rest until we have to spring forward in six months. --- Thanks dear!

How about you? Do you have a clock that's out of reach come daylight savings time?

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Cheryl Barker said...

Just had to wait 5 days? Sounds like a miracle to me! :)