October 13, 2008


Home Study Notes


Cheryl Barker said...

Nancy, I'd say we're all "rags to riches" stories. I know I am--the Word tells me that even my righteousness is as filthy rags. But oh, the riches we have as children of God! Thanks for this reminder.

Jill said...

Nancy, thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I loved the video study. This is my first visit and I loved your reminder of the "accusor" who is out to condem the believer. And I smiled with godly pride as you mentioned the breastplate of righteousness because my seven year old and I are studying the armor of God. I look forward to more of your wisdom.

Tammy R said...

What a great message, love the part about rag to riches.

When I think of how God took me with all of my dirty rags,I'm amazed!

Blessings my friend,

katiegfromtennessee said...

Mrs. Nancy,

What you talked about in this video is very true. We need to accept the fact that once we are saved, we are new creations at the core of our being, and therefore, forgiven. When sin comes into a believer's life, it cuts off intimacy closeness with God, so confession is the only way to get that closeness back. I want to walk closely with Him, Nancy. I know you do too.


Lisa writes... said...

Rahab is one of my favorite women in the Word!