October 15, 2008

Handier Than a Pocket on a Shirt

Girls I gotta tell you I love my "address book" (followers' icons on right.) It is handier than a pocket on a shirt! I just finished praising God for Connie selling her home, giggling at dog pictures on Home on the Range, comforting a mother with a disabled child on Theextras, hearing that John Wayne gave the plan of salvation on Thegardenexperience, and visiting a wonderful blog dedicated to bloggers praying for one another at Dancing Wallflower

With this handy dandy rolodex, all my blogging friends are as close as a click of my mouse and I love it. If you would like to "Be a Friend of OLM" simply click FOLLOW THIS BLOG and you are done. Your icon will appear and I'll be able to visit you and keep up on what's going on in your life. It's like having you in the pocket of my shirt!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, I had originally clicked follow, but took myself off. It is hurtful to some that they only have a "few followers" and others have a ton. I don't mind if others use it, but just didn't feel like it was for me. (It also reminded me of facebook, which I was on for all of 2 weeks). I hope you will still drop by my blog from time to time. I certainly enjoy stopping by to see what you are up to or what you are sharing. Blessings.

Nichele Lynn said...

Count me in! Thanks for your visit!!!!

rusty'swife said...

It's speed link for blog pages..good as speed dial on the cell phone.


Lisa writes... said...

Thanks for your recent visit and comment on my blog!


Cheryl Barker said...

Nancy, didn't know if you'd ceck back on my blog for my follow-up comment to yours. So glad we connected on Facebook! To find other friends, you just go to the homepage, click on the Friends tab, then the Find friends tab. Somewhere on there, it will give you a box to type in a name or email address. I think there's even a "Find Friends" box right on the homepage you could type names into. As far as writer friends, have you ever thought of joining The Christian Writer's View 2? Great place to connect with writers & then you could search for them on Facebook. I have a link for TWV2 on my blog page.